The power of scent connects us to memories, it can relax us, invigorate or stimulate us. It is also connected to the digestive system and taste.

I am super excited to collaborate with Giancarlo of VEGarden in his cafe here in Streatham for an evening of sensory delights. Essential oils and vegan food.

We will start the evening with an introduction to Essential Oils. The aromatic essence in plants, herbs, trees and flowers. The connection to the olfactory system and how the oils can affect us through scent or application (such as massage, bath).

The oils we explore and smell in tonight’s event are some of the most popular essential oils. Oils we can use in our everyday life to create balance, calm, focus… 

You will receive hand outs of the chosen oils and how to use them safely.

We will create our own mix of a couple of essential oils into a shower/bath gel to take home.

After we have awakened our senses and digestive system we will be ready to enjoy a light supperSoft and hot drink available at the VEGarden and alcoholic drinks inside the Pub at additional cost.

Giancarlo will share some delicious vegan snacks full of goodness and plant power. Giancarlo has a unique creative spirit, which is woven into everything he does. Food it’s not his only passion. He loves gardening and so we share a love for the plant world.

The event takes place at the magical VEGarden in Streatham. It’s the first and only Italian vegan bakery in the UK. Through the week Vegan Sweet Tooth London at The VEGarden offers a special plant based menu with a main dish Pizza, Focaccia, lasagna or Polenta (G.F. option) with a selection of 4 different salads and a slice of any of our cakes.

We share a passion for vegetarianism (me) and veganism (Giancarlo) and for all the benefits this lifestyle has for us, our health + wellbeing, animals, the planet and the environment. As well as a love for beautiful cakes and dishes filled with herbs and flowers.

I draw on my knowledge as an experienced and qualified clinical aromatherapist, ayurvedic practitioner, flower essence practitioner and yoga teacher as we dive into the healing power of plants. I will also take time to talk, answer questions and I will share the opportunities ordering essential oils or vegetarian, cruelty- free natural skin care through me or setting up your own account with me to an organic company offering natural skin care + essential oils. Which means you could get a great discount yourself…


Wednesday the 20th of September 7pm


includes an essential oil blend (bath/shower gel) + Vegan snacks (excludes drinks to be purchased separately in the VEGarden or pub)

Early Bird £22 expires 13th of September Book HERE

Late fee £25 after 13th of September Book HERE