Time to Glow like a Goddess!

  • Are you feeling drained?
  • Do you need some time to recharge your batteries?
  • Are you ready to let your inner goddess out to play?

If you answered YES to any of the above then the Goddess Glow workshop might be just the treat you need.

So we understand lovely lady, Summer is the time when you wake up early, go to bed late, pack loads into your social calendar and pretty much burn the candle at both ends. That’s all great! The trouble is, after a while you start to feel seriously drained and before you know it, the Goddess Sparkle is nowhere to be seen.

Help is at Hand

To help you out we (Anja and Natasha) have decided to join forces and create this 3 hour workshop that will have you relaxed, recharged and sparkling from the inside out.

You’ll start off the Mini Sanctuary with a relaxing Yoga class to get you truly into the Goddess flow and help you to reconnect you your inner Aphrodite (Goddess of gorgeousness and creativity).

After that, we go on a Mini Goddess Trail with Crystals, Oracle Cards and Flowers to help you get into your Goddess zone and fully connect to the most gorgeous version of you.

Once you’re in the Zone of Gorgeousness, you get to explore a range of essential oils and scents before creating your own signature Goddess fragrance to take away with you.

To finish off, you’ll get to sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls which will have you glowing well into the week ahead.

Experience includes:

  • Yoga class to get you truly into the Goddess flow
  • Mini Goddess Trail with Crystals, Oracle Cards and Flowers
  • Create your own signature Goddess fragrance to take away with you
  • Tibetan singing bowls relaxation

Investment:  £45

Cancellation: This is a small intimate event and there are no cancellation refunds. You are welcome to pass the ticket to a friend.


Hi, My name is Natasha Mann and I help super busy, stressed out women to relax, recharge their batteries and put the sparkle back into life.

I specialise in running workshops, parties and training courses where gorgeous ladies like you, get to hit the pause button and glow from the inside out.

With a background in events, teaching and leadership I know how tough it can be to carve out time and space to do the things that truly make us sparkle. My mission is pretty simple; to spread the message of wellbeing and create a Sparkle Evolution. Woo hoo!

If you’d like some glittery tips and tools then pop over to www.reclaimyoursparkle.co.uk  to download the FREE Sparkle Course, which is packed with fabulous ideas and exercises to help you add more Sparkle and Bliss to your day.

Hello, I’m Anja. A self care alchemist supporting women dealing with burn out or anxiety to find balance and once again radiate and glow – like the Goddess they are.

My intention is to facilitate a space for you to discover your inner wisdom, to support you support yourself. Our bodies know what we need. We just need to learn to listen.

In my offerings I draw on my experience and training in yoga, ayurveda, aromatherapy, flower essences and other holistic teachings to convey information which can increase your awareness and growth. So you can create balance in your life; physically, mentally, emotionally.

Get a FREE yoga class (to practise anywhere) when you sign up for more inspiration on self care and healing on yogaembodied.com



Message from the Goddess Dana 🌟 Time to put on your High Priestess crown (or garland) lovely lady. 🌺 Don’t panic, it’s nothing too scary, it just means sharing a little more or who you really are with your world. Why is this necessary? Well, it makes you feel amazing and your message of self love, compassion and empowerment inspires others to own their sparkling power too. 🌟 SAVE THE DATE 🌟 Looking forward to sharing some Goddess Magic on my joint13th August workshop with @anja_yogini in South London. More details to follow. Have an amazing week! Tx 🌟 #sparkle #joy #coaching #goddessoracle #goddesscards #goddess #crystals #malabeads #singingbowls #shineyourlight #shine #divinefeminine #goddessdana #selfcare #relax #recharge #wellbeing #coaching #magnetic #doreenvirtue #shareyourwork #inspireothersbybeingyou #shareyourmessage #highpriestess

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