Such a common complaint – but rarely discussed

I recently posed a question to you in my newsletter and on facebook asking if you have any complaints or questions around your lunar/menstrual cycle. And please do share your queries in the comment box below. 

The main complaint was: VAGINAL DRYNESS – no matter your age, if you are still on your cycle, perimenopausal, taking the pill or not.

So here is a brief intro to why this happens in Western medicine and  in Ayurveda. And some of the things we may want to try to get juicy and moist again.

Herbs mentioned:


Aloe Vera Juice

Natural lubricants: V gel or Yes

Dried organic rose petals and saffron to use in tea, cooking or warm milk.


The hormone oestrogen is one of the hormone responsible for the moisture of the vaginal lining. During menopause this hormone decreases and can be a cause for vaginal and vulva dryness. Medication and hormonal changes or imbalances can also be a cause.

Ayurvedic awareness

In Ayurveda Vata dosha increases with age. Vata is the wind, air and space elements. This too dries us up. Vata is dry, thinning, decreasing, cool, rough… We may get dry skin in general.

Vata is also increased due to lack of routine, erratic lifestyle, travelling, our generally diet and lifestyle. Anxiety may also be due to Vata.

It’s not all Vata. Pitta, the fire element, can heat up, dehydrate and dry out our tissues too. Pitta is often associated with the Type A personality, stress and burn out – on the “shadow side”. We do need Pitta and heat too though…

How to get juicy again

Depending what is going on in your individual case you may want to:

Start a Vata pacifying lifestyle and diet: warm, nourishing foods such as soups, casseroles, porridge… Use oil and ghee for your meals. Have a regular routine. Meditate and practise breathing techniques to stay balanced. Practise abhyanga – self massage with oil.

Practise a Pitta pacifying and heat reducing routine: reduce any hot spicy foods and spices, enjoy simple and more bland foods. Calm and cool down by meditative practises such as mindfulness, hatha or yin yoga (rather than hot power yoga), enjoy the cooling nurturing rays of the moonlight. Coconut oil can be your best friend for self massage – any where.

Get moving to get the blood circulation going – this includes pelvic floor exercises. Try the yoni egg or elvie app.


Always check with your healthcare practitioner. This article is not for diagnosis or prescription but purely educational.