>Pre-natal yoga classes for Mothers-To-Be…

I am delighted to offer yoga classes to South London’s pregnant women!

Pregnancy is a time of growth and transformation. Becoming a mother is an exciting development in a woman’s life. Yoga is a tool that can benefit the expectant mother to embrace this time. Yoga is a way of living mindfully and consciously and going to a Pregnancy Yoga Class may help to feel more aware of the changes in one’s physical body as well as the emotional changes. Ailments such as back ache and shortness of breath may benefit from from practising yoga.

Practising yoga during your pregnancy may benefit you in many ways.
Enhance strength and fitness

Yoga is a great way of bringing awareness to your body while gaining physical body strength and better stamina

Improve balance, posture and stability
Being mindfull of how we use our body we will explore safe ways to find our centre of gravity as it changes with the growth of baby. A good posture can alleviate many aches and pains such as lower back ache and sciatica as well as breathlessness.
Relieve emotional stress and anxiety
With the awareness of breath we connect our physical body and mental/emotional state.
Yoga gives us a positive attitude as we explore how our body moves and accommodates for a growing baby.
Learning breathing exercises helps us to relax and is also a great tool for birthing.

The instructions and sequences will be different at every class. Classes are inspiring and safe with attention to correct alignment, flowing movements and exploring the physical body and breath (pranayama).Classes include a final relaxation and some meditation.
Traditional yogic scriptures, ayurvedic knowledge and contemporary spiritual texts inspires the creative sequencing of the class to challenge your mind as well as your body!
Options of modifications and variationsof postures are given during the class to suit both new yogis and more experienced. Everyone is different and we all have individual challenges in our practice.
The classes are open to women who have never practised yoga before as well as experienced yoginis!
Come and be prepared to move, sweat a little, stretch and relax!

About Anja:
“I love yoga – yoga is a transformational tool, a way of living with grace, love and inspiration. It is more than a physical workout, more than becoming flexible and strong. It is about how we can live our life in a positive way. I wish to bring these ancient, but more than ever relevant, teachings into the class.”
Anja first encountered yoga in her native Denmark in the late 1990s and from then on continued to practise and study various styles of yoga. Living in London she has studied and trained in the capital and her interest has brought her to India and America for further studies. She is currently studying for her PGDip in Ayurveda while teaching yoga in classes, privately and to a charity.

Streatham Classes:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm – 9.20pm (Vinyasa Flow) £10
Tuesdays 6.30pm-7.40pm (Pregnancy Yoga – starts 13th April) £10
Thursdays 6.30pm-7.45pm (Slow Flow Yoga – starts 15th April) £10
Capoeira School (above Barclays Bank)
136 Streatham High Road, Streatham
SW16 1HD (entrance on Woodbourne Avenue)

Clapham Classes and Clinic:
Mondays 10am – 11.15am (Vinyasa Flow – starts 12th of April)
Ayurveda Clinic, Tuesdays (see www.yogaembodied.com for details)
Tulip Yoga Studio
3b, 9 Park Hill
Clapham SW4 9NS

For more information contact Anja: