Offering your colleagues and employees an opportunity to exercise, stretch, breathe and practise yoga will refresh and create a longer lasting effect of better posture, improved health, less stress and hopefully happier and healthier colleagues.

All we need is a meeting room and some yoga mats.

Most corporate yoga classes last one hour.

Fees can be paid by the clients signing up for class, by the company or a combination.

To discuss please email

Anja’s weekly classes at our workplace are always well attended and hugely enjoyed by all.

I particularly like Anja’s combination of a good stretch with a vigorous workout. The classes can be quite challenging, but Anja always approaches the sessions with a sense of fun and lightness, together with care and consideration for the students.

I’d warmly recommend Anja to anyone thinking of trying one of her classes – go for it!— Andy Dangerfield, CAFOD