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Timing is everything

by anjayoga

frommy blog at Anja is an Ayurvedic Practitioner (BSc, PGDip), a Yoga Practitioner and Instructor teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga. She shares her love for these amazing teachings in her writings, consultations and classes in Streatham,Balham, Chelsea and Vauxhall. Please visit for more details and connect on Twitter and Facebook. A regular routine is essential […]

Introducing Ayurveda – the science of life

by anjayoga

I have mainly been sharing my love for yoga in these blogs ( I teach and practise yoga, I breathe yoga, I live yoga… But I also have a passion for Ayurveda. Having studied this science and practised it I feel Ayurveda and Yoga are intertwined, they share much of the philosophy and the way […]

Girl Power and the new Mum

by anjayoga

Blog first published on  In the last two blog posts we journeyed through the desire for starting or expanding our family, being pregnant and now we will be discussing Yoga after birth. You can read more about Pre/Postnatal Yoga HEREand share some of your advice on baby friendly cafe’s, shops etc on THIS Facebook note. Birth […]

Calm Mums and Blissful Babies

by anjayoga

This was first published on Becoming a mother is a wonderful natural change in a woman’s life. The body changes and hormones, emotions and relationships are undergoing huge transformations during this time. The mum-to-be can experience times of happiness and increased energy but at times staying positive and healthy can become a challenge. The […]

Yoga and the journey to motherhood

by anjayoga

From my blog at To follow a woman on the journey to becoming a mother is amazing. I have the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people (men and women) in my yoga classes and follow some of these yoginis during pregnancy forPrenatal Yoga, after birth with their babies for Postnatal Yoga and then back into a regular Vinyasa […]