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Take a Breath

by anjayoga
Pregnancy Yoga

Take a breath, count to 10, exhale it out… Practise Pranayama Prana // Life Force, Vital Energy, Yama // Expanding, Elongating, Lengthening Practising an awareness of our breath and to become more intimate of how our breath breathes our body can be life changing. How to you breathe when you are upset? angry? excited? shocked? stressed? […]

Autumn comfort

by anjayoga

Autumn is Vata season in Ayurvedic philosophy. Vata and Autumn shares the qualities of movement, change, dryness, cold, light, changeable, quick and irregular. We have certainly seen very sudden irregular changes in the weather, the beauty of change in the colour of the trees, we are definitely feeling colder and there is movement as the […]