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Breathing, pulsations and pelvic floor health

by anjayoga

Breathing, pulsations and pelvic floor health We all do it and luckily it happens without us thinking about it at all. We breathe. Unfortunately, many of us are not breathing properly. We have forgotten how to breathe. And we have been conditioned into breathing patterns that are not optimal. Our whole body, our posture and […]

How often should I practise pelvic floor exercises?

by anjayoga

How often should you practise pelvic floor exercises? Although we might go (or have the intention of going) to the gym twice a week, practise yoga every morning or going for daily runs we never scheduled in time to exercise our pelvic floor. It is rarely part of any exercise regime. Except some practises which […]

Pelvic floor – creating power, passion and relaxation

by anjayoga

Jade Pleasure + Sacred Pelvic BONUS If you choose to invest in Layla Martin’s Jade Pleasure (through my affiliated link here) I am offering you my Sacred Pelvis course for free*. The perfect companions to a holistic awareness of your pelvic bowl and yoni!) Pelvic floor – creating power, passion and relaxation I sometimes tell […]

Pelvic Floor Awareness

by anjayoga

How can we strengthen the pelvic muscles  First I think we simply need to become aware of them. Are we tightening them when we are stressed or angry? Are they in a constant “stress mode”? Are we able to relax them and then engage them? Having a “tight” pelvic floor does not mean it is […]

Yoni Power and the Pelvic Floor

by anjayoga

A little while ago I posted a blog about Pelvic Power. In it, I mentioned a new product called Elvie. Today I want to share a little more about this intimate bluetooth-connected, pelvic floor-training device. Elvie (the product you can see above) is basically a pelvic floor and vaginal muscles exerciser. I am passionate about […]

Pelvic Health Care

Pelvic and pelvic floor care The pelvic floor is our foundation and our roots. It supports and stabilises us. And should be flexible and relaxed too. Unfortunately many people, especially women, experience complaints when it comes to the pelvic floor and pelvis structure. This includes pelvic pain, painful sex/intercourse, incontinence, weak pelvic floor, scar tissues after […]

Pelvic Power

by anjayoga

Finding your pelvic power How strong are your pelvic floor muscles? And when did you last exercise them? It was probably not included in your training programme at the gym, nor discussed in your HIIT class or circuit training. Possibly just alluded to in a yoga class as the mulabandha (which the teacher never explained). We […]

Menstrual Cycle Awareness ~ working with our cycle and period power

March 25, 2019 19:00 - 20:30

Menstrual Cycle Awareness working with our cycle and period power in Worthing Are you wondering why you sometimes feel completely drained at certain times of the months, yet energetic at others? In this workshop, we will explore the reasons why our monthly menstrual cycle (or lunar cycle if you are not menstruating) affects our energy, […]

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Massage for self love in pregnancy and preparing birth with perineal massage

by anjayoga

Massage for self love in pregnancy and preparing for birth – with perineal massage In Ayurveda, we highly recommend oil massage during pregnancy. Massage calms down the mind and the nervous system. This is highly important during pregnancy. A time of change and uncertainty. In the later stages of pregnancy, around week 34, it is highly […]