Welcome to yogaembodied

online, yoga, ayurveda + selfcare in Brighton and Worthing, Sussex.

This website and our offerings on and off the site are out of my love and passion for yoga – and ayurveda.

I started yogaembodied and teaching yoga more than a decade ago after 10+ years of practising. The name yogaembodied signifies that yoga is not just something we do for 75 minutes once a week as an exercise. Rather, yoga starts to infuse our way of living and approach to life – on and off the mat. To embody yoga and it’s philosophy is a work in progress.

Classes are really an opportunity to uncoil from the day and stretch emotionally, spiritually and physically. The only danger is on leaving I might walk into oncoming traffic so blissed out!!

Most of us feel improvements straight away

  • feeling calmer
  • better at dealing with stress and anxiety
  • our family and colleagues start making comments on us being more balanced
  • we have more energy
  • physically we feel stronger and more flexible
  • health issues may start to shift including joints and muscular and circulatory systems
  • we acknowledge that body, mind and emotions are all connected

At yogaembodied we offer flow classes as well as prenatal + postnatal yoga – live classes and online. Workshops and retreats. I have a blog on all things yoga, ayurveda, health and wellbeing.

I currently offer 2 online flow classes and 1 prenatal class as well as one in-person pregnancy yoga . Please visit here for our timetable and here for my bio.

It is my hope you will feel inspired to start creating balance in your life.


Founder of yogaembodied,

yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner, student of life