I love playing around with essential oil. Much like some people love cooking and adding and mixing spices. Some of the essential oils I am using currently are, in fact, spices and herbs. In their herbal form, you could put them in your cooking or make a tea. For instance, I love adding thyme to my roasted potatoes. Lemongrass tea is so refreshing and the actual spice is great in your cooking too. And I can’t resist a lemon drizzle cake…

I just created a spray with these very bactericidal essential oils. Used plenty of alcohol (surgical spirit is excellent or strong 70%+ works). Probably 3/4 and then 1/4 of Rose Hydrolat (but could be witch hazel or distilled water) so it’s not completely alcohol!


I love the herb thyme! Love the taste in cooking (of the herb – don’t ingest the essential oil!) and it’s great as a tea for sore throats and coughs. Indeed, it was used along with lemon and clove essential oils as a disinfectant in hospitals until World War 1. Its herb fresh strong aroma which revies low spirits and clears the mind.  Fantastic for the respiratory system.

It’s antiseptic and bactericidal. A strong essential oil it should be used in low dilutions as can cause sensitisations and mucous/skin irritation.

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It’s one of my favourite oils. The aroma is fresh and clean so perfect to add to the laundry and cleaning products like your white wine vinegar sprays. It’s energising and joyful.

Although non-toxic it can be a dermal irritant so keep to less than 3% at most.

I used it in my spray and in my room diffuser due to the antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericidal, fungicidal and also antidepressant properties.

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Tea Tree

Tea tree has long been used for its antiseptic, antimicrobial, bactericidal properties. In The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, it also states it’s active against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It should be non-toxic and non-irritant but can cause sensitisation in some people.

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The aroma is happy, clean, fresh and zesty. And it’s antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericidal and like the above oils, it is also insecticidal. It is such a nice oil to use when everything feels heavy and dark. And perfect for cleaning products too.

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Learn more about essential oils, how to use and mix them here.

Please note that we can become sensitised to most things. This spray is not intended for topical/dermal use only as a room spray or to clean the yoga mats. Please always to further research if you suffer with any medical issues. This has a high alcohol content so be mindful.