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Natural aromas in yoga class

There are lots of aromas and scents (and smells) in a yoga class. And I want to discuss it briefly here. As a yoga teacher facilitating space where we all move and breathe in. And as a yoga practitioner and fellow students.

Being a number of people in a contained space we are bound to create an aroma. We breathe, we perspire. And in a yoga class we are sure to eliminate some otherwise trapped wind.

Some of us have smelly feet. Some of us come straight from a sweaty run or cycling.

All natural bodily aromas.

Luckily I don’t think I have had the experience of someone with serious BO. Or someone who forgotten to wash for a long time… But both as a yoga teacher and fellow student I am fine with a bit of bodily odours.

Perfumes + sweat

I do find it challenging when someone arrives having just douched themselves in deodorant and perfume. It tickles my throat. I’m quite an “allergic” person so it can definitely cause a bit of a reaction. I have had students coming up to me (as a teacher) complaining of another student being to perfumy.

Where I teach my yoga classes we sometimes enters a room after a sweaty teenage martial arts class. The room is stuffy. (And by the way, it gets “aromatic” after our class too ~ even if it wasn’t a super sweaty class). Our yoga mats do collect other peoples warm feet and hands and their odours. So what can we do to keep it “natural” and not irritating?

Using essential oils – publicly

I am very aware of natural aromas. And also aware that more “yogic” scents such as incense, fragrant flowers and scented candles can be irritants and overwhelming too. We need a fine line and can not please everyone.

So sometimes I do use essential oils. In a subtle way. I blend a room spray and mist the room (and reception). Now we have mat sprays so the students can choose a spray to clean and refresh their mats before (and after) they step on to it.

The room and mat sprays can be identical. I like using vinegar as a cleaning agent in the mat spray. It does have a strong odour which quickly disappear. But for a room spray I would use another alternative.

If you have a look at you can find a mat spray recipe as well as a room spray. If you want to learn more about essential oils you can explore more of the blogs or have a look at my online essential oil course here.

As a student coming to class know that sweaty palms and feet are normal. Everybody perspires. Know that we all release wind (fart!) when in compromising yoga poses. And it’s normal. Be mindful when using perfume before coming to class though. And enjoy using the yoga mat sprays in our class to refresh and clean your mats before and after class.