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How should I breathe when I practise my pelvic floor practise or Kegels?

by anjayoga

How should I breathe when I practise my pelvic floor practise or Kegels? This is a big question and there are so many opinions: Should you engage the pelvic floor as you exhale – or when you inhale? Well, I teach both. And sometimes we “hold the Kegel” as we breathe for endurance. Sometimes we […]

Pelvic alignment in yoga

by anjayoga
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The thing is… although our bodies are intelligent they also do what is easiest. If we have tight hips, glutes and hamstrings or our IT (iliotibial) band is tight or perhaps weak we will probably compensate. Joints that moves easily and are very mobile will also compensate for those restricted joints and muscles. On top of […]

Sleep well with Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep

by anjayoga

Sweet dreams… How did you sleep last night? How is your general sleep? We are apparently lacking in sleep – generally. There is an epidemic of sleep deprivation and it is highly likely that you are part of this statistic. We might be tired but too wired to actually sleep and rest. We all know […]

Vegan Pea Protein

by anjayoga

So, I am a firm believer that the best way to get your nutrients is to eat varied and choosing wholesome preferably organic seasonal vegetables. At least varied. And for me, vegetarian only. But I also know that our lifestyle and the produce we consume may not always be optimal. And therefore I do take […]

Massage for self love in pregnancy and preparing birth with perineal massage

by anjayoga

Massage for self love in pregnancy and preparing for birth – with perineal massage In Ayurveda, we highly recommend oil massage during pregnancy. Massage calms down the mind and the nervous system. This is highly important during pregnancy. A time of change and uncertainty. In the later stages of pregnancy, around week 34, it is highly […]

The perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day

by anjayoga

I think I found the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day. For you or a loved one. I love flowers. I love them in nature and I love them in my home. I have them dried and drink them as tea or use them in pelvic steams. I have the essential oils. And then I have […]

Selflove and FREE pelvic awareness videos

by anjayoga

#selflove We are using the term #SELFLOVE everywhere: on inspirational Instagram posts, magazine and blog post articles. I am using #selflove this February. Why #selflove I know it’s become a bit of cliche but most of us find it difficult to really love ourselves. We crave love from other people, our parents, lovers, spouse and friends. We want […]

Period selflove and kindness to our vaginas

by anjayoga

Period selflove and kindness to our vaginas I am all about organic. Organic food, organic beverages, organic clothing and organic skincare. It’s better for us, the environment, the planet and the inhabitants of the World including plants and animals. So when you have a choice to use organic that’s what I choose. This includes what […]

Self Love for Valentine’s Day

by anjayoga

Self love for Valentine’s in Worthing + online February is all about love. So I wanted to share some SELF LOVE practices for Valentine’s Day and for the rest of month, rest of the year and beyond. This February I am offering £19 off all treatments at Laroma Therapies in Worthing as part of #selflove19. Please see below […]