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What’s your due date?

by anjayoga

Should we stop talking about due dates? Do you expect your baby on the due date? And if you are pregnant  (and around your due date) or overdue are you getting slightly annoyed with the constant enquiring whether you have birthed your baby yet? Only about 4% of babies are born on their “due date” […]

How to digest from 2019

by anjayoga

Let’s detox and digest the past year Another year has gone and we are about to embark not only on a new year, 2020, but also a new decade. If ever there was a time for reflections and resolutions or intentions this is the time. There most certainly have been challenges in the past few […]

The Chakras during pregnancy

by anjayoga
pregnant woman in childs pose

How are the various chakra affected during pregnancy? It’s not just the physical body that changes in pregnancy and on the journey to motherhood. The energetic body also takes on a new dimension. It is thought we have an energetic body with energetic centres called the chakras. The chakras are associated with psycho-spiritual attributes which […]

Halloween Masks

by anjayoga

What mask will you be wearing this Halloween? For this Halloween, or anytime, I am sharing the face masks from Neal’s Yard Remedies. Organic, natural, cruelty-free and vegetarian skincare which I have used for many many years and worked for (I am still an independent consultant which you can read about here). Frankincense – not […]

Depression in pregnancy

by anjayoga

Depression in pregnancy Why am I experiencing depression in pregnancy? Why am I not connecting with my baby?  People congratulate you, everyone is asking about your bump, maybe touching it and enquiring about the baby’s gender… You know you “should” feel happy, feel blessed and grateful. You know that many people are struggling to become […]

Teaching yoga to pregnant students

by anjayoga

Teaching yoga to pregnant students We need to start taking responsibility. As yoga teachers, we can not the responsibility for our students’ bodies. But we can take responsibility for what we share, what we encourage and how we deliver in our yoga classes. We can give modifications, props and alternatives when we have students who […]

Gluten free bread recipe

by anjayoga

Gluten free bread recipe made with quinoa and chia seed Although I’m not on a gluten free diet I know that too much bread makes me bloated and uncomfortable. So I was very happy finding this superfood gluten free bread recipe. You could be forgiven thinking this is rye bread. I am a Dane after […]

How often ‘should’ I do my Kegels or pelvic floor exercises?

by anjayoga

How often ‘should’ I do my Kegels or pelvic floor exercises?  First of all, I generally like to refer to pelvic floor practises or exercises rather than Kegels. There are so many ways to engage with the pelvic floor and we have done it way before Mr Kegel came along. Think of your pelvic floor […]

Is my Root Chakra imbalanced?

by anjayoga

Is my Root Chakra imbalanced? The Root Chakra, or Muladhara Chakra, is our base and foundation. Its energetic location is at the perineum in male anatomy and the cervix in female anatomy. Basically our roots. As our physical, emotional and energetic foundation, we need to bring awareness and balance this area. It’s our foundation. And […]