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Staying rooted, grounded and stable with a bit of womb wisdom

by anjayoga

Reconnecting to our womb wisdom to stay grounded Perhaps it is just coincidence (but is there such a thing as coincidence?) or it is due to these completely new circumstances which we currently navigate. Circumstances that include fear, anxiety, uncertainty. The Earth and our World as we know it are literally shaking beneath our feet. […]

Organic and ethical online shopping

by anjayoga

My favourite online shopping for organic and ethical wellbeing Since we are all self-isolating and doing most of our shopping and communication online I wanted to share some of my online shopping resources. Neal’s Yard Remedies for natural organic vegetarian skin/hair/body care and essential oils I love this brand and used to manage some of […]

Yoga in times of self isolation

by anjayoga

Sending new moon greetings on this sunny morning. I am here sitting with a cup of tea, in the sunshine, writing and contemplating. It’s only a week ago since my last newsletter. That was when I made the decision to stop the yoga classes due to the current circumstances. At the time it was all […]

Anti-bacterial spray with essential oils

by anjayoga

I love playing around with essential oil. Much like some people love cooking and adding and mixing spices. Some of the essential oils I am using currently are, in fact, spices and herbs. In their herbal form, you could put them in your cooking or make a tea. For instance, I love adding thyme to […]

Feel the benefits of breathing with the diaphragm

by anjayoga
Pregnancy Yoga

Feel the benefits of breathing with the diaphragm Breathing. It’s natural. Our body does it all on its own. Really we don’t need to think about it. Except most of us don’t allow our bodies to breathe its natural spontaneous full breath. We restrict it – and ourselves. We don’t restrict our breath on purpose […]

The ayurvedic postpartum recovery

by anjayoga

Healing after the birth – the 4th trimester We talk a lot about pregnancy care, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy massage, antenatal classes and birth preparation. But nothing really prepares you for birth and comes beyond pregnancy. Really the postpartum period should be highlighted a lot more. We should pay much more attention to this very special […]

Top 5 yoga poses for the pelvic floor in pregnancy

by anjayoga

Here are my top 5 yoga poses for the pelvic floor in pregnancy Enjoy these practices to explore your pelvic floor and pelvic outlet. This is specifically useful and informative to prepare for birth but essentially important for everyone to understand our own anatomy. Try the movements, add the pelvic floor lifts and releases, add […]

What’s your due date?

by anjayoga

Should we stop talking about due dates? Do you expect your baby on the due date? And if you are pregnant  (and around your due date) or overdue are you getting slightly annoyed with the constant enquiring whether you have birthed your baby yet? Only about 4% of babies are born on their “due date” […]

How to digest from 2019

by anjayoga

Let’s detox and digest the past year Another year has gone and we are about to embark not only on a new year, 2020, but also a new decade. If ever there was a time for reflections and resolutions or intentions this is the time. There most certainly have been challenges in the past few […]

The Chakras during pregnancy

by anjayoga
pregnant woman in childs pose

How are the various chakra affected during pregnancy? It’s not just the physical body that changes in pregnancy and on the journey to motherhood. The energetic body also takes on a new dimension. It is thought we have an energetic body with energetic centres called the chakras. The chakras are associated with psycho-spiritual attributes which […]