It is autumn. The season of transitioning from summer to winter. Where the weather is so changeable and the days are getting shorter. The leaves on the trees turn from green, to yellow, vibrantly red before they fall.

In Ayurveda changeability is one of the qualities of Vata Dosha. It is associated with the elements of Space and Air or Wind which is very appropriately heightened in this season: Autumn.

There are plenty of positive aspects of Vata, Space and Air: The ability to adapt to change, communication, movement and creativity. Lightness and excitement.

But change, such as change of season and specifically autumn, increases Vata dosha. And too much Vata can cause dryness, coldness, anxiety, insomnia, achy joints, digestive issues…

To prevent excess Vata we can utilise Vata pacifying ayurvedic tips:

  • Eat warm foods such as casseroles and soups
  • Wear a hat to prevent too much wind around the head
  • Have a good routine (rise, eat and go to bed at regular times)
  • You can learn more about living ayurvedically here
  • Meditate
  • Practise Abhyanga. This is translated as oil massage and you can do it by yourself.

Self Massage

Abhyanga is my absolute favourite ayurvedic practise. Warm up a bit of oil (such as sesame, almond or sunflower) in your hands, radiator or ideally in a fire-proof container over a candle flame (be careful as oil is flammable). And with loving care apply to your whole body.

I suggest exploring, taking time and using your intuition when massaging yourself. But here is a very speeded up version for your inspiration.

Some days you may enjoy a very slow sensuous massage, other times more dynamic deep strokes and other times you will just have the time to apply the oil quickly.

Traditionally massage on the skin, stay warm (or go to a steam room) for 20 minutes before shower. But I love keeping the oil on. Usually I create my own essential oil blends prescribing myself the perfect oil combination for how I feel – or want to feel. It’s a great way to enjoy the properties of aromatherapy and be naturally fragrant.

Learn more about essential oils here and get your own organic oils here.