Yoga is the spiritual aspect of Ayurveda, while Ayurveda is the therapeutic branch of Yoga— Dr Frawley

Āyurveda and Yoga are both complete customised and practical systems of healing.

Complete in the sense that there are techniques and acknowledgement that our well-being is not only physical but also emotional, mental and spiritual. Āyurveda and Yoga offer techniques that support our body-mind connection.

The Āyurvedic approach is customised and individual. We are all unique with our own constitution. What may be healing for one person may be the cause of discomfort for someone else. Our age, where we live, the seasons and the stresses we go through are individual to us and so the Ayurvedic advice will be specific for that time, place and person.

Both Āyurveda and Yoga offer practical tools of healing and transformation. Both philosophies aim for us to feel well and balanced in all aspects of our being. Yoga teaches us asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation and has a very spiritual approach. Ayurveda is a complete holistic perspective on health. It is a way of life that can easily be incorporated into our current lifestyle. It includes morning routines such abhyanga (oil massage), yoga, how and when we eat and drink. The food and drink choices we make. How we choose to work, move and interact with what we watch on tv and read. Specific herbs and practices may be prescribed, and recommended diets and routines will be suggested for the individual. It seems that the now popular mindfulness approach is in fact very Ayurvedic.

Ayurveda is the science of Life – Ayus means life and Veda is knowledge. 

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I incorporate Ayurvedic philosophy into my yoga classes, lectures and private yoga sessions. Sharing this knowledge in an accessible way for the Western lifestyle and teaching beginner workshops for all, specific for yoga students and for yoga teachers (CPD courses and Teacher Training Courses).

My Feminine Seasons & Cycles online immersion offers an āyurvedic perspective on the menstrual cycle.

Workshops and Trainings for yoga teachers/training courses

Contact Anja to host a workshop or training including training courses/lectures for yoga teachers.

Individual consultations

A consultation is an assessment of your current health (physical, mental, emotional) and past medical history. The aim is to find balance and develop awareness and connection to our true individual needs.

From here we create a plan of a daily routine, yoga, breathing exercises, abhyanga (self massage). In the consultation we look at nutrition with individualised diet advice, and, if needed, herbal and supplements recommendations. Anja draws on her experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga instructor, and her time working as an aromatherapist, massage therapist, and being introduced to flower remedies as well as Western herbs and healing.

The aim is to find balance and health in your current environment. Usually, there is a follow-up 3-4 weeks later. Everyone is unique and we will draw a treatment plan from there. It may be a continuous assessment after each visit or every season. Occasionally ayurvedic massage may be prescribed. Some people find the Ayurvedic lifestyle very accessible and integrative and only visit when they sense an imbalance.

Consultations & one-to-one 

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