Most of my reflections you’ll find on Instagram (or Facebook). But for those who are not on social media here are some of my contemplations.

13 December

I have been contemplating being present. ⁣

Because in a way the current situation, or the past 9 months of lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainty has offered us the opportunity to be in the moment and adapting to what is.⁣

No one knows the future. No one knows what will happen or even project how this pandemic is changing our lives, livelihoods, health, wellbeing or relationships. We just don’t know.⁣

As we had to adapt to what is, we had to take it one step at the time. Adjust, modify and reflect on how this new way of experiencing reality affect us. And how we want to live with it.⁣

And yet… There has been this waiting to get back to normal. Waiting for the infection rates to go down so lockdowns can ease off and we can get back to how things used to be. Waiting for the vaccine as if that would be the magic bullet transforming everything back to pre-virus. Maybe summer would kill off the virus. Maybe another lockdown. Maybe further restrictions. But it never happened. We are still waiting. Yet we continue to attach all the intensity and challenging to the year 2020. Now we are waiting for the new year where things certainly will change. Or not. ⁣

What we learn when we practise awareness and mindfulness, as in yoga or tantra or so many other practices, is to stay present. To live in the moment. Be here now.⁣

Continuous learning of non-attachment. Not being attached to how things used to be or should be. But being present in what is.⁣

When we are present we respond to the situation. It’s not bad or good. It just is. We may react to a situation with aversion or with happiness. But when we can stop, breathe, feel into our body and our somatic responses then it’s easier to respond rather than react. ⁣

Instead of waiting despondently perhaps, we can take a deep breath. Feel into our body. Our experience. Notice without judgement. Then choose to take action, digest, settle, rest… whatever action or non-action appropriate at that time. Being tender and compassionate. And breathe.