What is Buff Bones®?

Buff Bones® is a medically-endorsed, full body workout for bone strengthening and balance. It integrates Pilates, strength training, functional movement and rehabilitative exercise to improve the health and longevity of your bones and joints. It’s adaptable to varying levels and is safe for those with osteoporosis and osteopenia.

We work on stability and understanding bone structure and alignment. We learn balance. And it’s is fantastic for posture (so anyone with backache or other postural issues). We use a set of weights – get two water bottles or two tins/water bottles.

If you are concerned about back issues, arthritis or osteoporosis this is an excellent addition to your other yoga and exercise routine.

Why join the Buff Bones class?

As much as I love yoga I also find it complementary and supportive to explore other exercise and movement practises. This class is an excellent complement to our yoga.

  • We practise “small” movement where you learn to truly notice how your body, muscles and fascia move and work together.
  • There is a focus on stability through the pelvis, hips and lower back where many people experience weakness, imbalance, hypermobility or general aches and pain.
  • This means it’s excellent for those with hip and lower backache.
  • For new’ish mums.
  • For posture, balance and steadiness.
  • Strengthening the area around the pelvis as well as the legs.

This is for all ages. The reason I wanted to do this specific training is that it is challenging. It is adaptable for those less mobile or new to movement and exercise but in essence, those who are fit and practising plenty of yoga will definitely feel it!

The class require that you can move from standing to the floor (you can support using a chair) and back up again.

Classes + Investment

Recorded live classes are available on yogaembodiedonline’s Monthly Membership.

Monthly Membership: includes recordings + additional prerecorded classes and inspirations. Details + join HERE

Individual classes: 1 hour at The Study Society. Live via zoom on Mondays at 10am. Details here.

Private / one-to-one: via zoom or in-person have a look here

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