Being a Yoga Teacher

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Understanding Pregnant Yoga Students

by anjayoga

Teaching yoga to pregnant yoga students As yoga teachers, we understand that every student is different and have their own unique needs. We look out for the one with hypermobility, check in with the one who always seems to get injured in her sports practice, the guy with lower backache, there is always someone with […]

The Chakras during pregnancy

by anjayoga
pregnant woman in childs pose

How are the various chakra affected during pregnancy? It’s not just the physical body that changes in pregnancy and on the journey to motherhood. The energetic body also takes on a new dimension. It is thought we have an energetic body with energetic centres called the chakras. The chakras are associated with psycho-spiritual attributes which […]

Teaching yoga to pregnant students

by anjayoga

Teaching yoga to pregnant students We need to start taking responsibility. As yoga teachers, we can not the responsibility for our students’ bodies. But we can take responsibility for what we share, what we encourage and how we deliver in our yoga classes. We can give modifications, props and alternatives when we have students who […]

What you want to read!

by anjayoga

I thought it would be interesting to see what you actually read when it comes to my blog posts. And these are the top blogs of 2018: Vaginal Dryness For the second year running… top spot goes to: Feeling dry? Let’s talk vaginal dryness An issue affecting so many women and yet it’s not discussed. I would […]

Aromas in yoga class

by anjayoga
anja_brierley_lange yoga class

Natural aromas in yoga class There are lots of aromas and scents (and smells) in a yoga class. And I want to discuss it briefly here. As a yoga teacher facilitating space where we all move and breathe in. And as a yoga practitioner and fellow students. Being a number of people in a contained […]

Tapping + unblocking your blocks

by anjayoga

Being self employed and working for one self can bring up plenty of self doubt and challenges. It is also very rewarding. As yoga teachers we love what we are doing. This is why we do it. Very few yoga teachers earn what you could easily earn in a “normal” job. But it can also […]

Stay warm and cosy

by anjayoga

Stay warm and cosy Ok, so today is actually really cold and windy. So I gathered something nice, warming and cosy – it’s definitely a few bits to create hygge! Warming fleeces from Sweaty Betty, warming massage oil with essential oil from Neal’s Yard Remedies and a sip of ginger tea – all helping us […]


by anjayoga

Retreating I just got back from teaching a yoga + ayurveda + culture retreat in Sri Lanka. This is one of the perks of being a yoga teacher: having the opportunity to travel and share your yoga. The reality of yoga teaching It is of course not all so glamourous. The reality is that you […]

Sankalpa Yoga Leggings

by anjayoga

I love art. I love how we can create and express our self through our creativity. We may not all be blessed with a talent for painting, drawing, baking, writing or poetry – but we are all creative and express it in our own individual way. I was recently introduced to Sankalpa. They have some […]

Pregnant? Can I still come to yoga?

by anjayoga

Pregnant? Can I still come to yoga? Pregnancy is not a disease, illness or injury. But the body does change a lot. It is not just the growing bump and breasts but there are other things to consider. Mainly the increased levels of the hormone relaxin. This hormone is responsible for increased flexibility, stretchiness and […]