Essential Oils

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Essential Oils + Essential Safety

by anjayoga

The power of aroma is extraordinary. You walk past a jasmine plant and you remember a warm sunny summer night. Or maybe a whiff of patchouli takes you back to the now old-style “new-age” shops, the ‘60s and 70s or lentils and brown rice… The effect of essential oils go straight to our olfactory system […]

Flowers of Love + Healing

by anjayoga

  Happy Valentine’s Day The day of love and romance. Of candlelight, cards, dinners. However you celebrate – with your self, your lover, partner or friends – I want to share a bit of self love and self care with you. Over on my Instagram account you have seen photos of roses, fresh and dried, […]

Flower Power – The Essence of Plants

by anjayoga

Flower Power I have always been fascinated by plants and herbal remedies. Of the ways that we, human beings of the natural world, can be supported and potentially healed by the plants, flowers and herbs of nature. From an early age I have been curious about how plants heal and how we live with the […]