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What’s your due date?

by anjayoga

Should we stop talking about due dates? Do you expect your baby on the due date? And if you are pregnant  (and around your due date) or overdue are you getting slightly annoyed with the constant enquiring whether you have birthed your baby yet? Only about 4% of babies are born on their “due date” […]

The Chakras during pregnancy

by anjayoga
pregnant woman in childs pose

How are the various chakra affected during pregnancy? It’s not just the physical body that changes in pregnancy and on the journey to motherhood. The energetic body also takes on a new dimension. It is thought we have an energetic body with energetic centres called the chakras. The chakras are associated with psycho-spiritual attributes which […]

Depression in pregnancy

by anjayoga

Depression in pregnancy Why am I experiencing depression in pregnancy? Why am I not connecting with my baby?  People congratulate you, everyone is asking about your bump, maybe touching it and enquiring about the baby’s gender… You know you “should” feel happy, feel blessed and grateful. You know that many people are struggling to become […]

Teaching yoga to pregnant students

by anjayoga

Teaching yoga to pregnant students We need to start taking responsibility. As yoga teachers, we can not the responsibility for our students’ bodies. But we can take responsibility for what we share, what we encourage and how we deliver in our yoga classes. We can give modifications, props and alternatives when we have students who […]

How should I breathe when I practise my pelvic floor practise or Kegels?

by anjayoga

How should I breathe when I practise my pelvic floor practise or Kegels? This is a big question and there are so many opinions: Should you engage the pelvic floor as you exhale – or when you inhale? Well, I teach both. And sometimes we “hold the Kegel” as we breathe for endurance. Sometimes we […]

Massage for self love in pregnancy and preparing birth with perineal massage

by anjayoga

Massage for self love in pregnancy and preparing for birth – with perineal massage In Ayurveda, we highly recommend oil massage during pregnancy. Massage calms down the mind and the nervous system. This is highly important during pregnancy. A time of change and uncertainty. In the later stages of pregnancy, around week 34, it is highly […]

What you want to read!

by anjayoga

I thought it would be interesting to see what you actually read when it comes to my blog posts. And these are the top blogs of 2018: Vaginal Dryness For the second year running… top spot goes to: Feeling dry? Let’s talk vaginal dryness An issue affecting so many women and yet it’s not discussed. I would […]

Breathing, pulsations and pelvic floor health

by anjayoga

Breathing, pulsations and pelvic floor health We all do it and luckily it happens without us thinking about it at all. We breathe. Unfortunately, many of us are not breathing properly. We have forgotten how to breathe. And we have been conditioned into breathing patterns that are not optimal. Our whole body, our posture and […]

Why are my Kegel exercises not working?

by anjayoga

Why are my Kegel exercises not working? You have been squeezing and squeezing and yet your pelvic floor still feels… well, it doesn’t feel anything at all. Perhaps lack of sensation during sex, no awareness. Or maybe it does feel something: weak or uncomfortable. Or even tight, sensitive and restricted. You still have incidents where […]