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How should I breathe when I practise my pelvic floor practise or Kegels?

by anjayoga

How should I breathe when I practise my pelvic floor practise or Kegels? This is a big question and there are so many opinions: Should you engage the pelvic floor as you exhale – or when you inhale? Well, I teach both. And sometimes we “hold the Kegel” as we breathe for endurance. Sometimes we […]

Selflove and FREE pelvic awareness videos

by anjayoga

#selflove We are using the term #SELFLOVE everywhere: on inspirational Instagram posts, magazine and blog post articles. I am using #selflove this February. Why #selflove I know it’s become a bit of cliche but most of us find it difficult to really love ourselves. We crave love from other people, our parents, lovers, spouse and friends. We want […]

Breathing, pulsations and pelvic floor health

by anjayoga

Breathing, pulsations and pelvic floor health We all do it and luckily it happens without us thinking about it at all. We breathe. Unfortunately, many of us are not breathing properly. We have forgotten how to breathe. And we have been conditioned into breathing patterns that are not optimal. Our whole body, our posture and […]

Why are my Kegel exercises not working?

by anjayoga

Why are my Kegel exercises not working? You have been squeezing and squeezing and yet your pelvic floor still feels… well, it doesn’t feel anything at all. Perhaps lack of sensation during sex, no awareness. Or maybe it does feel something: weak or uncomfortable. Or even tight, sensitive and restricted. You still have incidents where […]

Abundant ovulation

by anjayoga

We are exploring the journey of the lunar cycle manifested as the feminine womb and menstrual cycle. In this blog, we discussed why we bleed and now we are learning what happens when the inner winter of menstruation becomes spring. Springtime is when everything starts to grow, to flourish and bloom. In our womb, this […]

The monthly release

by anjayoga

The monthly release Why do we menstruate every month? And how do we look at our monthly bleed in Ayurveda? Well, our period is not the only event during our cycle. Throughout the month hormones are changing and we do not yet understand the full extent as to how these changes affect us. Our cycle […]

Premenstrual Pitta Powers

by anjayoga

Premenstrual tension and Ayurveda Before our period Pitta Dosha starts to increase according to the science of Ayurveda. Pitta is associated primarily with the element of fire although it also has the flowing qualities of water. Fire is about determination, focus, clear-sighted, ambition… We get hot-headed, less patient, and the fire of Pitta Dosha may […]

Periods and the moon cycle

by anjayoga

Menstruation and the moon Our periods (literally “interval of time” or “repeated cycle of events”) are connected with the moon. From the new moon to the full vibrant moon. Waning to the dark before it once again fills up. A journey that takes about 28 days. Just like our menstrual cycle. Or our lunar cycle. […]

Vaginal Steam: What is it all about and where to do it?

by anjayoga

  Vaginal Steam: What is it all about and where to do it? You can now enjoy yoni herbal steam rituals in Worthing, Sussex. So why would you want to steam your lady garden in the first place? Well, I first came across vaginal steams in my general interest in women’s and pelvic health. To […]