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Feel the benefits of breathing with the diaphragm

by anjayoga
Pregnancy Yoga

Feel the benefits of breathing with the diaphragm Breathing. It’s natural. Our body does it all on its own. Really we don’t need to think about it. Except most of us don’t allow our bodies to breathe its natural spontaneous full breath. We restrict it – and ourselves. We don’t restrict our breath on purpose […]

What’s your due date?

by anjayoga

Should we stop talking about due dates? Do you expect your baby on the due date? And if you are pregnant  (and around your due date) or overdue are you getting slightly annoyed with the constant enquiring whether you have birthed your baby yet? Only about 4% of babies are born on their “due date” […]

Is my Root Chakra imbalanced?

by anjayoga

Is my Root Chakra imbalanced? The Root Chakra, or Muladhara Chakra, is our base and foundation. Its energetic location is at the perineum in male anatomy and the cervix in female anatomy. Basically our roots. As our physical, emotional and energetic foundation, we need to bring awareness and balance this area. It’s our foundation. And […]

How should I breathe when I practise my pelvic floor practise or Kegels?

by anjayoga

How should I breathe when I practise my pelvic floor practise or Kegels? This is a big question and there are so many opinions: Should you engage the pelvic floor as you exhale – or when you inhale? Well, I teach both. And sometimes we “hold the Kegel” as we breathe for endurance. Sometimes we […]

Pelvic alignment in yoga

by anjayoga
Yoga Podcasts

The thing is… although our bodies are intelligent they also do what is easiest. If we have tight hips, glutes and hamstrings or our IT (iliotibial) band is tight or perhaps weak we will probably compensate. Joints that moves easily and are very mobile will also compensate for those restricted joints and muscles. On top of […]

Sleep well with Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep

by anjayoga

Sweet dreams… How did you sleep last night? How is your general sleep? We are apparently lacking in sleep – generally. There is an epidemic of sleep deprivation and it is highly likely that you are part of this statistic. We might be tired but too wired to actually sleep and rest. We all know […]

Selflove and FREE pelvic awareness videos

by anjayoga

#selflove We are using the term #SELFLOVE everywhere: on inspirational Instagram posts, magazine and blog post articles. I am using #selflove this February. Why #selflove I know it’s become a bit of cliche but most of us find it difficult to really love ourselves. We crave love from other people, our parents, lovers, spouse and friends. We want […]

What you want to read!

by anjayoga

I thought it would be interesting to see what you actually read when it comes to my blog posts. And these are the top blogs of 2018: Vaginal Dryness For the second year running… top spot goes to: Feeling dry? Let’s talk vaginal dryness An issue affecting so many women and yet it’s not discussed. I would […]

Breathing, pulsations and pelvic floor health

by anjayoga

Breathing, pulsations and pelvic floor health We all do it and luckily it happens without us thinking about it at all. We breathe. Unfortunately, many of us are not breathing properly. We have forgotten how to breathe. And we have been conditioned into breathing patterns that are not optimal. Our whole body, our posture and […]

Premenstrual Pitta Powers

by anjayoga

Premenstrual tension and Ayurveda Before our period Pitta Dosha starts to increase according to the science of Ayurveda. Pitta is associated primarily with the element of fire although it also has the flowing qualities of water. Fire is about determination, focus, clear-sighted, ambition… We get hot-headed, less patient, and the fire of Pitta Dosha may […]