How are the various chakra affected during pregnancy?

It’s not just the physical body that changes in pregnancy and on the journey to motherhood. The energetic body also takes on a new dimension. It is thought we have an energetic body with energetic centres called the chakras. The chakras are associated with psycho-spiritual attributes which may or may not be balanced. And as I always say… its all about balance!

Although pregnancy is all about change we are still encouraging balance within the change and transformation.

Here is a guide on how the chakras are affected during pregnancy

The text is adapted from my manual from my yogaembodied pregnancy yoga teacher training course. Please have a look here to learn when I’m offering this training.

Earth / Root Chakra / Muladhara

Some resources say this energy centre is connected with the perineum, some the coccyx and others the cervix in the female anatomy. I like to think of it as the cervix. This is the portal into the World as we are born. It is our true root. It has the power to open to receive the sperm, to release menstrual fluid and to birth babies. 

When we are born our Crown, and our crown chakra, moves through the cervix as we enter the world if its a vaginal birth. The mother’s root centre connecting with the baby’s crown. It’s a sensitive part of our anatomy. And it can release energy out and down or it can hold the energy up and in.

The Muladhara Chakra is about stability, being grounded, secure, feel financially safe, supported by family (biological, adopted and chosen), our culture, religion. It’s our food and shelter. Our support and safety. Being fully present in our physical body. 

Being embodied and feeling safe in our own body is extremely important during pregnancy, labour and birth. Feeling strong and safe to stand our ground. If we feel unsafe during labour contractions can stop. We tighten up – including (maybe especially) the pelvic floor.

Water / Sacral Chakra / Swadisthana

Just above the Root, behind the pubic bones, we have the Swadisthana Chakra. It is fluidity, flow, sensuality, sexuality, creative expression – and in some parts closely related to the Root. 

The organs in this area are also about fluidity: bladder, vagina, the uterus with its amniotic fluid in pregnancy. In pregnancy, we share this space with our babies.

How much appreciation do we have for our vulvas and vaginas?

Sexual expression and owning our sexuality is a challenge for some women. Even just being naked around a partner is a challenge for many. How much appreciation do we have for our vulvas and vaginas? Do we express the sensual and sexual pleasures we like – or do we even know? 

When pregnant and during labour, birth and postpartum healing our bodies changes. We also have medical staff looking and probing our vaginas. In the delivery room, we may have brights lights and people coming in and out of the room. 

Connecting with our Sacral Chakra is important in pregnancy and on the journey to motherhood.

Fire / Navel Chakra / Manipura 

The fire of ambition, power and transformation. To see clearly what we want and go for it. Appropriately associated with the navel area, near the solar plexus and our digestion.

The Manipura Chakra can also be very self-centred and associated with the Ego. But in pregnancy, we share this space with our growing babies. So our Ego needs to step back a bit. We are learning to listen to our babies! Yet, it is also important to know how our truth and our core. Many people feel they lose themselves during pregnancy, in birth and especially as new mothers/parents. Their identity becomes being a mother. Yet they are also themselves, a partner, wife, lover, sister, friend, daughter etc etc etc. 


Keeping that sacred fire as women transform from “maidens” to “mothers” is important. It is a transformation for sure. 

Air / Heart Chakra / Anahata

The energetic and spiritual heart at the centre of the chest is all about love: Divine love, unconditional love, self-love and compassion. Receiving love and offering. 

From an Ayurvedic perspective sometimes think of the woman having the energetic heart in the chest and her womb heart too. In Ayurveda, the pregnant person is Dhauhrda or two-hearted.

We talk so much of self-love and self-care and this is so vital during pregnancy and certainly postpartum. Yoga asana (designed for pregnancy or with a prenatal qualified teacher), breath awareness, meditation and relaxation are all incredible tools pregnant people can enjoy.

Space / Throat Chakra / Vishuddhi

Our throat and vocal cords share an interesting connection to the pelvic floor muscles. Both to look at and via the fascia. The throat chakra is connected with the sacral chakra too. Again it’s about our expression. This time our truth and speaking/voicing our true expression.

How safe is it to speak with authenticity?

In pregnancy, during midwife appointments, potential medical checks and tests, during labour, birth and postpartum appointments it is not always easy to voice one’s concerns or ask questions. Throat chakra issues may also come up when people give unsolicited advice. This is something pregnant people get plenty of: from friends, family, strangers, yoga teachers, opinionated midwives or doctors, NCT groups and of course social media.

Crown Chakra / Sahasrara

The connection to the Universe, the Divine, the Truth… For some women, pregnancy is a truly spiritual experience. There is an awareness of something higher that they have not connected with previously. Some may also find this connection as they start to become more quiet, more awareness of baby/babies, their bodies. And this is where they may seek out the more spiritual aspects of life.

If you are a yoga teacher wanting to know more about how to teach pregnant people yoga please have a look on my website for more details as well as other blog posts.


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