What a year it’s been… As we retreated into the Christmas holidays, the festive season, it really did feel like a retreat. No travelling and no meeting family or friends. Very different indeed.

So over the holidays, I have been reflecting.

Most of my reflections you’ll find on Instagram (or Facebook). But for those who are not on social media here are some of my contemplations.

31st December

✈️ Today I picked up a travel magazine. It has a photo of a beautiful place in Morocco A venue I follow on Instagram and I would love to visit.⁣

It’s strange because I am not making any travel plans at all. I am not longing or regretting or angry that I can’t travel. I am ok at this time to just be

Yet… I always had this deep desire to just be able to go somewhere. Get on a plane and visit somewhere exotic Not that I travel (or have been travelling) that much at all. Not as much as I thought I would when I was younger and now I don’t have that urge the same way.⁣

Although… I see this photo of Moroccan architecture and decor. And I really want to go back. I fell in love in Marrakech a long time ago when I visited with my now-husband (then boyfriend). I loved the architecture, the smells (not at the tannery), the people. The Souk which felt like something out of a fantasy novel I have been extremely fortunate to have been visiting Morocco nearly yearly teaching yoga retreats for many years. ⁣

In a way it reminds me of India. I feel them both in my heart Both countries have such a devotional heart energy so powerful and I feel very content in both India and Morocco.⁣

Both offer mystery, aliveness, vibrancy, realness.⁣

In my late teens I really wanted to visit India. This was in the late 90s and I really didn’t know anyone who was a traveller or had the desire to travel. No, a few friends liked the idea of joining me but not the reality. So I went alone. Although when you travel alone you are never alone. ⁣

I fell in love immediately. Travelling in India isn’t always easy. But I loved it. After my first journey I knew was going back. I just never thought it would take more than a decade. But I went back and I am still in love.⁣

These are two places I would go again – and again, when we can travel once more

Two places where I left a bit of my heart.⁣

1st of January ❄️ Q U I E T • C O L D ❄️
First day of the year. Wandering on the beach. The water still and quiet.

And on this day when the UK has sadly left the EU it was a pleasure hearing so many different languages being spoken as we passed people from other countries.

One of the things I missed moving out of London was the diversity of people. Yes, we don’t have Brixton marked or the numerator delicious India restaurants and shops we did in Tooting. But there is diversity.

And especially today (and as a Dane) it made my heart happy