Easy and quick baking with few ingredients

I love cakes. I am not the best baker. You’ll never see me on Bake Off although I love watching the show and wish I could eat their creations.

There is something magickal about how a bit of flour, sugar and butter can become something very tasty and beautiful.

It’s the alchemy of transformation.

Around Christmas, I baked with mum. Via Facetime. She is in Denmark and I’m here in the UK and obviously, there is no travelling at the moment (and hasn’t been for a long while). So although she has finally got used to Facetime it’s still nice to have an experience together.

We baked my favourite and very simple Christmas cookie: Julemandens knapper. Or Father Christmas’ buttons.

Its a super easy baking recipe, with very few ingredients, perfect for beginners and is quick

I posted this video of me and mum baking Julemandens knapper and a few people asked for the recipe.



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Opskrift på Julemandens knapper

  • 4 dl (400ml)  flour (just normal white plain flour)
  • 1 dl (100ml) icing sugar
  • 175 gr margarine/butter
  • 2 tbs water
  • Raspberry jam or other jam/marmalade

Heat the oven at 200 Celcius.

Mix the dry ingredients. Add the margarine/butter and the water and mix. It will be quite “buttery” but shouldn’t stick too much. Mix well.

Roll into small balls. Press a finger to make a depression where you add your raspberry jam.

Bake for about 10 minutes

Please note that the jam gets really hot so practice patience before eating them!

A foolproof baking recipe for all ages and for beginners

It was what we baked as children and as you can see it really is very very simple and quick.

It might be February now but it such a tasty and easy bake that me and mum just baked it again together on Facetime. Having a coffee and chat. Baking together and seeing each other’s results.

It’s just such a lovely thing to do together – even when we a physically apart. An activity where you can still talk and then enjoy something tasty too.

So although it is a Christmas bake… we decided to do it anyway.

But I’d love to know…

do you have any super easy and quick to bake recipes we can try another time?