We will use yoga asana and sequences, breathing exercises and ayurvedic knowledge to support the digestion of toxins (Ama) both physically and emotionally.

This 2 1/2 hours of workshop is dedicated to ignite our fire of digestion (Agni) to support the body to detox. We create space to release un-necessary tension in our body and energy so we can start the new year fresh and with a clear mind.

Expect plenty of twisting, a bit of sweat, relaxation, and sharing of ayurvedic and yogic principles on detox.  Perhaps you want to embrace the One Day Detox&Rejuvenate mono diet detox of kitcheri for the following day. Recipe HERE.  (Workshop is not recommended for pregnant yoginis)

Venue: In Streatham (usual place)

Time: Saturday the 30th of January 3:30-6pm

Investment: £25 pre-booked or £30 on the day.

Please book in advance to secure your space.  BOOK HERE

Anja at home