The alchemy of practical and safe use of essential oil

Using aromatherapy for yourself, in your home and for ultimate self care

Essential oils and the practise of aromatherapy has long been a popular healing practise. And it is having a bit of a come back.

If you want to join in and learn how to start implementing essential oils into your life ~ then you are in the right place. Join me for this online course!

I am here to introduce in how to use essential oils safely and practically in your every day life. Having qualified in Clinical Aromatherapy 15 years ago and continuing to learn I am bringing my experience and passion for aromatherapy to this course. Nothing works in isolation and as a multi-passionate healer the training is informed by my qualifications in Ayurveda, Yoga and Flower Essences too.

This is a practical course so you can implement the healing art of aromatherapy into your life

You will learn:

  • a brief introduction to what essential oils actually are
  • how to use them safely and understand contraindications
  • the art of blending and mixing oils
  • explore the most common essential oils and their benefits
  • a module on Essential Oils for… different conditions and topics
  • how to create with essential oils
  • get my recommendations for further reading and other essential resources

I am looking forward to sharing more with you,

For all details and how to join CLICK HERE