Pelvic floor power + yoni wisdom


Maybe you have pelvic discomfort from either a too tight or weak pelvic floor muscles, pelvic pain, incontinence or lack of sensation.

Perhaps you feel ungrounded, disconnected… manifested as an disinterest and lack of pleasure in sex, sensuality or creativity. Or simply just not grounded in your truth and power.

Are you holding all your tension, anxiety and stress in your pelvis?

This course is for information, education and most of all for empowerment.

My hope is that you get excited and reconnect to your sacred pelvis, start listening to your roots, honouring your yoni and start feeling whole and empowered in your femininity.

You will learn about your pelvic bowl, an introduction to your anatomy, understanding the energetics and chakra as well as using the healing benefits of aromatherapy.

This information is found in written form as well as through videos.

And of course, you need to practise. I’ll guide you through videos and audio recordings so you can feel and experience your sacred pelvis.

The actual video + audio practises and meditations are divided into:

  1. establishing an awareness of the pelvic bowl
  2. releasing tension
  3. creating stability and strengthen

Along with the audio and video recordings you will get instant access to modules educating you on your physical and energetic anatomy. Self love and self care practises, including the sacred art of self massage (including belly, yoni and breasts) and blissful belly wellbeing.

Want to know more?

Please visit for all the details and you can join anytime from anywhere in the World!