Women’s Flow Workshop in Margate

I am looking forward to inviting you to a seaside yoga and nourishing yoga nidra practice in Margate on Sunday the 26th of April 2020 from 10.30am – 1.30pm

Women’s Flow + Womb Cycles

Are you wondering why you sometimes feel completely drained at certain times of the months, yet energetic at others? Why you sometimes come to a yoga class but really want to just stay in Shavasana. And other times you want a full-on dynamic power class?

In this workshop, we will explore the reasons why our monthly cycle (or lunar cycle if you are not menstruating) affects our energy, how we feel physically and emotionally. And how we can use that to our advantage – listening to our energy and our body – to live more balanced!

From a Western view, we know our hormonal changes affect us greatly through our cycle. In ayurveda we are also acknowledging the doshic changes.

In this workshop, we will embrace our cyclic nature, let it be the superpower that it is and work with our body rather than against it.

Here is what we will explore:

  • Discuss the seasons and the doshas of the monthly cycle and how they affect us
  • Introduce the Western and Ayurvedic view
  • Practise a yoga flow moving through the seasons and our cyclic nature so you understand where and when to slow down, to focus and honour your energetic dynamic fire too
  • Have a long relaxing nourishing yoga nidra – guided healing relaxation


£30 (or join this workshop + Spring detox for £50)

Bookings via Margate Yoga Studio

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Sunday April 26, 2020 10.30am – 1.30pm


At Margate Yoga Studio, 160 Northdown Road Margate CT2

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, wear comfortable clothes, maybe layers as we enter the winter seasons. You might want to bring some water, a notebook and a pen.

Yoga mats, blocks and bolsters are all provided.

Anything else?

Although we welcome all levels be aware that this is a flow yoga class – mindful and with awareness yet with movement and flow. The focus is on the cyclical menstrual cycle of the female body. However, anyone can join however you identify.

Women who are no longer menstruating, pregnant and postpartum are also welcome. Pregnant or postpartum? Please send me an email before booking stating weeks of pregnancy/postpartum, yoga experience and any medical concerns.

Please note we have a strict 72 hours cancellation policy for workshops. In the unlikely event that you can not make it you are welcome to give the workshop space to another person – just let us know whom to expect. (Please visite Margate Yoga Studios website for t&c)


postponed until further notice