Most of my reflections you’ll find on Instagram (or Facebook). But for those who are not on social media here are some of my contemplations.

28th of November ☀️ S U N N Y ☀️
I sat here. Looking at the horizon. Feeling the sun on my skin. Breathing. And feeling so enormously grateful to be able to be here. On the beach experiencing such a beautiful sunny day.

However much this lockdown is challenging us I’m finding gratitude in being in nature. I was blessed with some wonderful beings in my zoom yoga session this morning. I’m always loving these sessions of connection beyond any constraints of space. And for those who watch later: beyond time and space ✨

And always fun to see your sacred home practice spaces. Your fur babies, human babies and toddlers joining the sessions ‍⬛

For those in the greyness and fog enjoy some vitamin sea and sunshine ☀️

26 November E X H A U S T I O N⁣
Many of us are just so extremely tired and exhausted. Some because during this lockdown you have worked extremely hard. I know my friends in the NHS are just wiped out and stressed out.⁣

But even those of us who are working from home or even those on furlough are also tired. We might not be stressed and tired from our commute (as there now isn’t one) and we don’t even have a busy social life. Yet we are tired. And even if we are tired we don’t sleep well ⁣

Change is a big stressor. Any change. This year has been all about change. The reality that nothing is certain is a challenging lesson. And it’s been exhausting and tiring to adapt. Along with the collective fear or anxiety we may encounter from other people and the media. ⁣

We do need to rest. We need to actively stop and breathe. To restore. Not doing. Just being.⁣

That’s why I am sharing a full 2 hours of completely chill out yoga on the Full Moon Monday 6-8pm via zoom⁣ (LINK TO RECORDING HERE)

You need to book through the link in the profile /

We will be allowing relaxation and nourishing our nervous system through gentle slow yoga and yoga nidra