Most of my reflections you’ll find on Instagram (or Facebook). But for those who are not on social media here are some of my contemplations. 

23 December 

⁉️ O P T I M I S M ⁉️
I try to find a reason, see the bigger picture, using challenging situations as a way to evolve, explore life as a spiritual journey and that may be what I try to share. But that doesn’t been I feel content, happy, zen and chilled out all the time.

I feel anger, disappointment, sadness, upset, resignation, hopelessness, despair… I feel all the feelings.

It’s not a secret that I disagree with the current government of probably everything they stand for. I have tried not to engage too much in the discussion and I reduced sharing about what I disagree (even the jokey memes) because *I get so enraged*.

When Jacob Rees-Mogg accused the UN of a ‘political stunt’ for stepping in to help feed deprived children in the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic I wanted to punch him in the face (although I’m obviously not going to actually do that even if I got the chance. And he is not the only one who triggered that reaction). It’s not up to @marcusrashford food banks, fundraisers and volunteers to support hungry people. There is something wrong with the system when we can’t afford to feed ourselves or our children. Arghhhhhh

(PS: just watched Marcus Rashford documentary – watch it if you can. What an inspiration. A successful footballer keeping it real and standing up to the establishment)

And yes I wonder for how long these lockdowns/tiers are going to stay in place. How and when things will feel more like personal freedom again.

I don’t watch the news (I would get serious anxious if I did. And highly likely depressed too).

I need nature. I need breathing (including the 30 mins #wimhof /@iceman_hof I practise every morning). I need movement and my yoga. I need the beach and fresh air. Good books. Good ‘bad tv’. Chocolate… I take CBD oil again at night which seems to work well. I rest and hibernate. I listen to and rest inspirational articles/books. I appreciate my very good friends.

We need to top up when and how we can. And it’s ok not to be ok. And it is ok to talk about it.

What has and is supporting you during this time?