Gratitude for the beach today. For the blue sky, the stunning sunset, the murmuration of the bird (which is a challenge to capture on the phone, but I tried), for fresh air and the horizon.⁣

Gratitude for starting to teach online yoga again. As much as the festive break for needed and I truly enjoyed it a bit of routine and accountability is actually quite important. Especially now. ⁣

Being in lockdown and not socialising. Working from home and hardly seeing friends or family. Or even interact with any other beings aside from the staff in the supermarket, shops or take-away… We miss contact and communication with other beings. We are interdependent. ⁣

And I realised that I actually really missed that connection. Having a purpose, being accountable to show up and be there for others. Sharing something I love, that gives me purpose.⁣

I am grateful for those of you who choose to join me for yoga – you may not be there for the live zoom classes, but you are there. Thank you.⁣

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share something I am passionate about and something I truly believe can help and support us during this time.⁣

There is always something to be grateful for. It may not always feel like it. But the small things will do. Getting out of bed, doing the shopping, getting the laundry done… Looking at the infinite sky, the sunset or sunrise, listening to the birds, the awesomeness of Mother Nature. Your breath.⁣