Arm balancing and connecting with the core

Another week has gone and our focus this week has been on igniting our transformative and sacred fire. We have found core power with the Manipura Chakra energy and the Solar Plexus. The energy of our own Power, our truth, our inner fire, strength. The big YES and the big NO.

Reconnecting to our deep core and power.

And with that power, we rose the possibility of lifting up into arm balancing poses.

Bakasana / Crow Pose

Our Wednesday class we enjoy that sense of ignition of the transformative fire in our belly. We met in Eagle Pose/Garudasana and we kept flying into the potential of Crow Pose Bakasana


Twisting, releasing and letting go

On Thursday we did lots of twisting to release tension, stress and anxiety – physically and mentally. The twisting feels invigorating and uplifting.

We start with the Skull Shining Breath or Kapalaphati to clear our mind and any dullness.

Again we enjoyed the deep connection to the Manipura Chakra and Solar Plexus. Igniting the digestive fire. The fire of transformation and power. The Fire that can destroy or light up your Path. The Sacred fire of change and surrender.

Then we felt strong and stable enough to rise up into Side Crow.

The Goddesses of War and Nurturing

Saturday morning we embraced the Shakti and Goddesses namely Durga and Kali. Warrior Goddesses yet also protective and nurturing. We all have these qualities – today we envoke them.

It’s focus, pelvic floor and core connection.

We start with the ocean sound breath or Ujjayi pranayama for awareness, meditativeness and warmth.

Stability and openness of hips moving into Titibasana/Firefly pose – although there are plenty of options as this class is also welcoming experienced pregnant yoginis.

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