Flowers: the beauty, the fragrance… their magic

I love going to botanical gardens, walk in nature. Simply being in nature feels calming and inspiring to me. On a more alchemical level I love the very vibration of the plants through flower essences and their scent through aromatherapy.

I recently had the pleasure of having a personal consultation with flower elixir expert Katie Hess, the founder of Lotus Wei and author of Flowerevolution. I have to admit to being very excited about this. I absolutely love Lotus Wei products and have used them for a long time.

The anointment oils, serums and room/body sprays are a daily part of my life. My yoga students will recognise the aromas I spray or use in my classes too. (See this special download for a Yoga Teacher’s guide to using Lotus Wei).

However, having a consultation is something different

I was asked a few questions before our actual conversation. Mainly on where I was at that moment in my life – and how I see myself in the near future.

Flower elixirs show us our full potential, beyond even what we can imagine for ourselves.

Katie Hess, Lotus Wei

You see, flower elixirs or essences, work on a vibrational level. As Dr. Bach (of ‘Rescue Remedy’) found: “His researches led him to recognise that there were clear personality types that related to the various patterns of ill health, irrespective of the physical symptoms being presented by the patient”.

When we work with flower elixirs we work beyond the physical.

Katie made the consultation such a beautiful healing experience. We discussed where I felt a need to shift. How I could imagine myself in my full potential and the imbalances that held me from living it. The consultation itself was so positive and encouraging. And it was just at the right time as I was making many changes (still in the process) at the time of the consultation.

After the consultation Katie found 3 specific flower elixirs to support me over the next 3 months. I received them by post and the journey began.

I took the deliciously sweet tasting drops every morning and night. Sometimes adding them to my water bottle too. They came with further information, even screen savers so I could look and be inspired by the flowers, as well as inspiring emails for each elixir.

The flower elixirs absolutely supported me through this journey of change and transformation.

I felt more in tune with my Truth, where I want to be professionally and personally. I got the courage to make big decisions. To be more truthful and authentic in how I am living my life. My personal life and professional life is interwoven – I live my passion and it is also my “work”. It is essential that it feels ‘right’.

Using the essences have started to uncover a deeper understanding of how I want to share this in my “work capacity”.

It is a continuous journey of course. And my love for the alchemy and power of the plant kingdom is forever evolving too. But the flower elixirs and essential oils will always be my support.

Learn more here:

For more information on Katie Hess and Lotus Wei visit her website. In the UK you can get Lotus Wei here.

Read her beautiful book here.

Yoga teachers, enjoy this guide on how to use the elixirs here.


As a firm believer in the healing power of plants, these elixirs are fantastic. I use the Quiet Mind Anointing Oil on my wrists or temples before meditation to help calm and still my mind. The combination of essential oils and flower elixirs offers instant quieting of my otherwise very busy mind. It is literally like taking a deep calm inhale and a long complete exhale when you use it – excellent for a Vata mind. I absolutely love it and I keep it in my bag for anytime I feel anxious, stressed or aware that I need to get grounded. Also perfect when I adjust my yoga students in shavasana. They too love the aroma and effect of the quiet mind as part of the yoga session.

Anja Brierley Lange, Yoga Teacher + Ayurvedic Practitioner (from this Lotus Wei Guide)