One Pot Nourishing Meal

I always advocate eating kitcheri. A simple meal that is easy to digest and therefore fantastic for the digestive system. And according to Ayurveda a healthy digestion is the foundation for good health. (You can have a look here for the recipe).

Basically it’s Mung dal and rice with various herbs and spices. This combination is also a great source of protein, it fill you up without being heavy. Plus it’s easy and quick to make!

The basis for most of my meals is Kitcheri. But sometimes you need a little more.



So, I will be completely honest. I have never been that adventurous in the kitchen and not using many recipes aside from for inspiration. Cooking for me is intuitive and creative – and usually pretty nice.

This is probably for 3-4 people.

Get a big pot ready.

Add some ghee, olive or sesame oil on it

Add dried spices: Heaped teaspoon of turmeric, get some cumin, coriander and a bit of pepper. Warm it up.

Add fresh ginger chopped in small pieces

Optional: a clove of garlic

Get one big handful of mung dhal (the yellow lentils). Rinse them.

Add to pan

Add (boiling) water to cover the lentil. Make sure it stays wet. Around 4 times as much water as lentils but keep it moist.

Add a small teaspoon of rock salt/himalayan/pink salt.

Now find the vegetable that you want to use (preferable seasonal, local and organic). I used 2 big carrots, half a head of broccoli, a few broad beans and green beans, a handful of frozen edemame,  1 fennel, 4 potatoes. Prepare them (wash, chop as you like).

After simmering the lentils for around 20 minutes add around 2 big handfuls of basmati rice.

Again make sure the dish is covered with water.

Add your veg. Harder veg such as potatoes first. Lighter leafy veg later.

Add cashew nuts (or other nuts).

Basmati rice should simmer for around 10 minutes.

Continue to check water levels and add more boiling water if needed. You can make it really runny and soupy or much drier and solid.

When ready leave for a few moments to cool down. Add to your bowl. Maybe add a few fresh coriander leaves and enjoy.


That is pretty much my main meal and cooking inspiration. It’s easy. Reasonable quick. And you only use one pot! Cook with love and care. Eat with love and mindfully. Enjoy every morsel. And taste!

For more inspiration on diet and ayurvedic cooking have a look here for a small PDF booklet or here for a full immersion in living ayurvedically in an online yoga + ayurvedic living course.

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