I can’t hold my pelvic floor engagement. It’s just too weak!

Do you remember when you went to your first yoga or exercise class and you had to practise your plank pose?

It was hard. It probably still is. Maybe we had, or have, the knees on the floor to support us. To start with we could stay there for a short moment, hardly a breath. But little by little our endurance changed and we stay just a little longer. For a full breath, for 5 breaths and then further on we even started to do variations!

This is a post about the pelvic floor and endurance

And I am using the plank pose for several reasons. Plank pose is a core pose which does involve the deep core and that includes the pelvic floor. But also because its a pose that most of us struggle with for a long time and there is always something to refine and adjust.

Plank pose might never be our favourite pose to practise but we do become better. And its the same with the pelvic floor. When we first start to practise pelvic floor exercises or Kegels it is a new experience. Our body needs to get used to it. Just like any other exercise.

Our body needs to get used to it. Just like any other exercise.

In my sacredpelvis.com online course, this is what we do. We practise yoga inspired movements to understand our pelvis and the pelvic floor. As well as guided meditations and practises that you can practise anywhere. So we learn how we can move and breathe and include the pelvic floor.

Our pelvic floor engages and relaxes all on its own

It is part of our physiology of movement. Even our breathing affects our pelvic floor. But we need to move and breathe properly. Additionally, most of us don’t move a lot at all, with much variations or with lots of awareness.

We sit in chairs in the same position and we don’t breathe fully. We don’t stretch, run around, climb trees, carry heavy loads (with awareness) and we just don’t exercise our body or our muscles, including the pelvic floor. So we need a bit of extra work.

Back to the common comment:

I can’t hold my pelvic floor engagement. It’s just too weak! Quick movements are easier but to keep a longer hold is hard. What can I do?

Coming back to the plank pose… it becomes easier. But only if you practise. Work with the breath, but you do want to build up so you can keep a hold whilst you breathe.

Practise practise practise: Different parts of the pelvic floor, in different positions with various awareness.

This is exactly why I created the sacredpelvis.com online course to share ways for us to bring awareness to our sacred pelvis, the pelvic floor. Learn how to release tension and stress here. And to build up strength and stamina. Through guided meditations, breathing practises and yoga based movements.

Be compassionate to your self and just enjoy!

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