Is my Root Chakra imbalanced?

The Root Chakra, or Muladhara Chakra, is our base and foundation. Its energetic location is at the perineum in male anatomy and the cervix in female anatomy. Basically our roots. As our physical, emotional and energetic foundation, we need to bring awareness and balance this area.

It’s our foundation. And like just like when we build a house the foundation needs to be secure and stable. Same thing with us. We need to have these firm foundations too. Not just physically but also emotionally and energetically. And we need to have some very basic needs fulfilled to be balanced at the Muladhara Chakra.

Our basic needs

These basic needs include food, shelter and safety. It may be expressed very differently in different people and at various stages of life. Many of us are out of touch from our Root Chakra and our basic needs.

Root Chakra imbalances:

We are not grounded in our body ~ we are mostly in our heads

Thinking, stressing, planning without feeling into our body. We ignore our bodily needs because we are just too busy to listen and check in with ourselves. We might forget to eat because we are too busy at work and need to finish a project. Or perhaps we eat continuously even if we are not hungry. Or perhaps our body is so tired and really need to rest. But in our heads, we are so caught up in the doing that we use stress hormones and coffee to keep us going. Again ignoring our body, our roots and our basic needs.

Having a place called home

A shelter is really about having a safe place to live. Somewhere reasonable warm and comfortable. A place we can call home. A place of community. Today we have lost our sense and the support of a community. Whether this is our family, spiritual community or our neighbourhood. Physically many of us don’t really have that back-up any longer.

Having enough money

Money is the means by which we get our basic needs met such as food, rent/mortgage, clothing etc. If we are in balance we earn what we need and don’t live beyond our means. Money is about our basic needs. If we have an imbalanced relationship to money it may have roots in our Root Chakra. Are you leaking money, are you having trouble receiving money or perhaps you feel guilty spending it? If we do not have enough money to pay our rent/mortgage and struggle to pay our bills we will feel unsettled, anxious or depressed. Money is a big issue in our society. The lack of money but also how we choose to spend it. How do you perceive your true basic needs? Are you being sucked into the media and advertising worlds’ glamour on what you have to buy?

Cravings and addictions

If we don’t feel secure or stable so we crave more: more money, more food, more sugar, more alcohol… we become addicted to more. And instead of being in that firm base and root of our being we look beyond ourselves. We look at social media and want more. We have FOMO and start to feel isolated and anxious.

Balance your base

Balancing the Root Chakra we start to feel more grounded, stable and secure. We create better boundaries (containing our energy rather than leaking or having too restrictive and rigid boundaries).

There is a whole physical component to this. It’s our pelvis. Our cervix specifically in female anatomy and perineum in the male. But it is really the whole pelvis and how so many of us are disconnected from our pelvic anatomy. Perhaps our pelvic floor muscles (including the perineum) is too tight or too weak? Or something we just don’t connect with at all? When I created the Sacred Pelvis course (an online portal with yoga, meditations and practices for the pelvic floor and pelvis) I included an energetic component too. Here I discuss the chakras and energetics in greater depths. But the act of reconnecting and balancing on a physical level will also affect our energetic anatomy.

Practise yoga with the intention of connecting to your pelvis and pelvic floor, enjoy specific meditations and pelvic floor practices… Body, mind, emotions and energetics are all connected. If you are curious about the Sacred Pelvis online course please have a look here or send an email with any questions.