20 December It’s ok not to be ok⁣

It’s ok to feel angry, rage, frustrated, sad, upset, anxious, depressed. It’s ok to feel all the feelings.⁣

Feelings are valid. They need to be felt. So sit with them. ⁣

Cry, shout, punch a pillow, throw some plates. Although we may feel anger and want to punch certain people in the face (I am looking at certainly people in government arghh) we also know that won’t change anything. But the anger (or whatever feeling) is there. ⁣

Maybe you feel better after a cry, a run, stretching on the yoga mat, playing music and dancing around, shaking, going for a long walk in nature, hug a tree. Meditate, pray, roll around on the floor.⁣

Maybe you feel better after writing it all down. Creating a ritual of burning the paper, meditate, burn some incense or sage.⁣

Send a message to a friend, make a phone call, send a text or email. Connect on FaceTime or Zoom. ⁣

Reach out. We are interdependent beings. We need each other. We need connections. ⁣

Please keep this numbers in mind for yourself or loved ones:⁣

MIND has a helpline: 0300 123 3011 Mon to Friday 9am to 6pm⁣
Samaritans 116 123⁣
Anxious Minds 0191 262 0305⁣
CALM 0800 58 58 58⁣
CRUSE Bereavement 0808 808 1677⁣
Domestic violence helpline: 0808 2000 247⁣

The World is ever-changing. Nothing stays the same. This too shall pass. ⁣

Remember wisdom of these words:⁣⁣
God grant me the serenity⁣
to accept the things I cannot change; ⁣
courage to change the things I can; ⁣
and wisdom to know the difference.⁣⁣
Sending so much tenderness and love⁣

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