Pelvic floor – creating power, passion and relaxation

I sometimes tell the tale of the powerful yogini who lived by the river in ancient India. Her Shakti, power, was glowing and strong. And she had the ability to go to the river, squat down, and… pick up the stones with her vagina.

Not sure where I heard this story but I like it. So, I share it with my yoginis coming to class and with anyone reading my posts – like you.

Why sharing about vaginal strength?

Because we very rarely talk about it. Let alone do anything about it. We might complain of “bingo-wings”, saggy bottoms or jelly bellies. But we never talk about lack of sensation, numbness, trauma or awareness of our vaginas. Incontinence is a taboo and if discussed we never discuss the potential root of the issue e.g. maybe our pelvic floor muscles are too tight or too lax. Using an incontinence pad is offered rather than a physio appointment or pelvic floor exercises. And what about vaginal dryness? Lack of sensation during intercourse? Or just wanting to enjoy our sensuality, sexuality and part of our anatomy?

Time for yoni self care

Just like we can go to the gym, practise yoga asana or have a massage to tone and care for the external parts of our body – the parts we can see such as our triceps and biceps, our abdomen and thighs – we really need time to care and honour our yoni too.

Yoni what?!?

In yoga practise I often use the term yoni for the sacred place or cave which is the vagina. Sometimes I use the word for the vulva and vagina together. But when we practise specified pelvic floor exercises I like the “yoni mudra” term as a substitute for vaginal or kegel exercise. Please use your own reference here!

Getting to know yourself

I am passionate about women getting in touch with their sensuality and this very neglected part of our being. Teaching pelvic floor practises is always offered in my prenatal and postnatal yoga classes and sometimes included to in our regular classes. I have clients where this is a specific focus of their sessions. But we can go much deeper than what we practise in yoga classes (or wherever we practise kegels/pelvic floor exercises). I created the Sacred Pelvis online course so you can explore in your own time and in privacy.

If you are ready to really create space for yoni self care, for self empowerment, vaginal strength + relaxation, and plenty of pleasure I highly recommend the Jade Egg practises.

The Jade Egg is a polished egg made of high quality jade. The stone and it’s quality is super important for this practise as you will use it inside your vagina (and you will attach a string!). Yes, that’s right. If you are into crystal healing it makes total sense. If not, then think of the jade egg as a tool to sensitise and strengthen your vaginal muscles via feedback.

In the same way that yoga relaxes and opens your body to bliss, there are ways to open your vagina to mega-pleasure and sweet relaxation.

I don’t know too many things with 100% certainty, but I do know this:

The key to happiness is in your vagina.

Layla Martin

Having practised with modern technology using the Elvie I was really curios about the Jade Egg. I signed up for Layla Martin’s Jade Pleasure course to explore.

I received my 100% pure, high-quality Canadian nephrite Jade Egg as part of the package and got a few videos to get me started. I felt completely safe with Layla’s online instructions (on video – no nudity all very classy). It made sense. And I started to get to know myself a lot more… As the actual Jade Pleasure online immersion started we were guided through various modules and practises, step-by-step. Using the jade egg. But also how to prepare for the practises, how to release, to relax and take time to honour wherever you are. It’s self paced ~ no need to rush. This felt completely safe and nourishing. And a pleasure.

Pleasure and self care

The first impression and benefits for me was extreme, loving, pleasurable self care. I can’t highlight that enough. Self care for me. In fact, it was quite emotional to take time to be in my body and allow myself to feel pleasure. To receive and to be. I am so much in my head (typical Vata + being a Gemini!). But doing this course got me back in my body and grounded.

Here I want to highlight that although the Jade Pleasure Course definitely benefits your sex life, the practises are not all about sex or sexual techniques or so called “tantric sex” but allowing yourself to feel, explore and also create more sensation, strength and relaxation of the vagina. (Although there is definitely sensual practises too!).

Bodymind connection

In yoga we often talk about how body, mind and emotions are connected. We talk about the root and sacral chakra and the emotions and trauma around the pelvis. How much we hold tension and stress here. When we get stressed we clinch our jaw – and therefore most likely also our pelvic floor muscles… How many people hold tension here that is never released? What about the tightness in your chest and belly – how might that also connect to the pelvis?

If a yoni eggs seems just a little too much right now. Then let me share other practises in my Sacred Pelvis online offering here.


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