Jasmine flowers

The fragrance of jasmine invokes an intoxicating, sensuous and exhilarating mood. I love the fragrance of jasmine. Walking past flowering jasmines at the night when the scent is strongest mmm...

We often associate jasmine with seduction, romance and sensuality. It is called the queen or mistress of the night referring to how the strong aroma is released in the evenings rather than the day – and of course the seductive properties.

The Essential Mood Enhancing Jasmine

In aromatherapy it has long been used as a mood enhancer, to lift the spirits, yet it is still relaxing and suggested for feelings of anxiety.

It takes about 8,000 flowers to make one gram of the oil. And despite the strong fragrance the extraction of the essential oil is challenging and is usually through the solvent method creating an absolute.

If you look for jasmine essential oils be prepared to pay for it. If it’s cheap it’s because it adulterated. I love Neal’s Yard Remedies Jasmine Absolute – details here.

In aromatherapy it is also related to the female reproductive system. Used in a massage oil applied to the lower abdomen or sacrum as an antispasmodic and uterine tonic for menstrual pain. Again used during labour.

Flowering Devotion

Flowers are used extensively in India. Including for worship. Flower garlands are abundant in temples, shrines and offered to the Divine.

In India you will often see women adorned with jasmine flowers in her hair. Including myself (see photos below from when I apprenticed in Ayurveda in South India)

They emit a wonderful fragrance and look beautiful. They are also associated with the worship of Shakti (the Goddess) and with beauty, prosperity and good luck.

Jasmine hair decorations for Indian brides not only look divine but the fragrance will make them, and anyone near them, feel relaxed and reduce any anxiety. For the wedding night this will come in handy + the associated aphrodisiac action too…

The Ayurvedic Jasmine

In ayurveda jasmine is also used for mood, devotion and sensuality. Dr. David Frawley connects the night-blooming jasmine to soma (the nourishing, nectar associated with our very essence and the Moon). He says: “it stimulates not only our outer emotions but also inner devotion, carrying the emotional essence of the Moon“.

Medicinally in ayurveda it is often used for oral issues such as gingivitis, mouth ulcers and gum problems. Used in Shalakya tantra – the branch of ayurveda specialising in anything above the clavicle e.g. ear, nose and eye specialists.

Ready to enjoy the luscious benefits of jasmine?

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Use the absolute in an oil as a perfume, in a diffuser or in an aroma necklace like this one (pictured above from Aroma Love) to inhale the fragrance continuously. Or enjoy one of these pre-blended face and body potions:

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Reminder: never ever use essential oils undiluted or internally. Please read this blog on essential oil safety. Always mix your essential oil with a carrier and do a skin test before. Or enjoy an already mixed product or add to your aroma jewellery such as this from Aroma Love.

Disclaimer: I am proud to be an independent consultant with Neal’s Yard Remedies. A company with high ethical standards that I believe in. If you choose to purchase any of the Neal’s Yard products I would be delighted if you support my shop page here. Any further details on NYR please let me know.