Jade eggs and yoni eggs…

Because it’s easter and it’s all about easter bunnies and easter eggs. And because I recently wrote a blog post on Staying rooted, grounded and stable with a bit of womb wisdom I thought I wanted to share a bit about jade eggs aka vagina eggs or yoni eggs. No, not chocolate eggs

In my blog on Staying rooted, grounded and stable with a bit of womb wisdom I share some of my favourite practices of connecting with my womb through breathing, awareness and pelvic steam. But there is another practise that gets you connected to your roots and sacred pelvis too: The jade egg.

This practice has long been attributed to ancient Taoist rituals although actual data on this can be difficult to find. However, that doesn’t make it less valid. 

What are jade eggs?

The jade has been polished and made into a small egg shape. Usually, there are holes drilled through to attach a string. Much like a tampon. Because you are to insert the egg inside your vagina and a string is handy to help get it out again!

Yoni eggs or vaginal eggs also come in other kinds of crystals such as rose quartz, obsidian or amethyst. However, jade is extremely robust and stable. Other crystals can be porous, easily get damaged or break. And you certainly won’t want any sharp edges or breakage near your vagina. 

Benefits of using jade eggs

You may wonder why anyone would but a crystal egg inside their vagina. But many people do so although there may not be much “scientific evidence” there are testimonials on an array of benefits. Anything from helping PMS, prolapse and strengthening the pelvic floor to energetic benefits of connecting to the chakras and the crystal power of whatever stone has been used.

You don’t know unless you try.

I didn’t have any specific issues that I wanted to “cure”. But I am passionate about the pelvic floor, womb healing and reconnecting to this very sacred powerful place of wisdom. Most of us are so disconnected from our pelvis, our vulva, vagina and womb space. 

We may experience pleasure and enjoy sex with our partner or/and ourselves but this pleasure is usually reserved for that specific time. Otherwise, we only connect during our period, when we insert a tampon or if we have pain.

Practising pelvic or womb awareness, pelvic steam or using a jade egg allows us to honour our yoni and access our womb wisdom. It gives us space to heal the disconnect we have otherwise felt.

Many of us are shy about our yoni and sensuality. We might even have grown up with the thought that our genitals and pleasure are dirty. That we should be ashamed. Culturally there is a lot of shame when it comes to our genitals too even just some of the words that are used have negative connotations such as cunt, being a pussy… That is really another rant – or blog.

Reclaiming womb wisdom

Using a yoni egg or practising womb and pelvic awareness can be empowering. It ignites our feminine sacred power and strength. Reclaiming our womb wisdom.

On a practical level, some of the benefits may be to strengthen the vaginal muscles, exercising the pelvic floor which not only tones it but also supports better blood circulation. You start to actually feel your muscles, which ones you engage with more, which ones are tight and tense and maybe where there are less sensation and awareness.

It gives you more sensual pleasure and sensation.

If you do have trauma you may want to work with an experienced therapist and many reports that this is a way to reclaim and heal. If you physical trauma you certainly want to check in with a practitioner who can check you internally and advice.

You want to feel totally comfortable and at ease with this practice. It is not something to force. I was introduced by and trained with Layla Martin who is one of the of authorities when it comes to jade eggs. If the eggs aren’t your thing you can use a more tech version like the Elvie App or go through my blog posts to learn about the pelvic floor. Or have a look at my Sacred Pelvis online course where you also learn how to bring awareness, relaxation and strength to the pelvis with meditations, breathing and yoga.