Menstrual cup and period pants

And how to cope with your period

It’s my time of the month. And actually, I feel fine. Absolutely fine.

I feel different from a few days ago. Very different from when I’m ovulating and in my follicular phase. But it’s all fine.

It’s fine because we are cyclical beings. And just like the seasons change and day becomes night so is our menstrual cycle a cyclical changeable cycle. Ebb and flow…

Fair enough my lower back is achy and my legs are always a bit uncomfortable during and just before my period. Considering that the uterus is the strongest muscle in the body and it’s contracting and releasing the uterine lining and capillaries are breaking and I’m bleeding that makes sense.

I have definitely noticed hormonal changes in the last few years. My periods are getting heavier. And I certainly had some severe cramping and some pretty debilitating periods a couple of times.

Shifts through our life cycle and our monthly cycle are normal. But debilitating pain isn’t. So please always seek support to understand why and how we can find balance.

Being aware of the changes in our monthly cycle we can learn to work with these natural changes rather than against them. 

So when we are building up the endometrium (uterine lining) again after our period and oestrogen is increasing we probably feel more motivated, stronger and as we come to ovulation we may feel a lot more confident and sexy.

After the ovulation peak, things shift again. Oestrogen starts to drop and progesterone starts to increase. Perhaps we start to feel less outgoing and more introverted as we move towards our menstruation.

It’s natural. It’s seasonal. It’s cyclical.

I go into more details in my Feminine Seasons & Cycles online course. Especially speaking from a more ayurvedic perspective and I’m sharing some yoga practises to fit around our cyclical nature.

Right now though I am taking it easy. I am allowing slowness and rest. 

In an ideal world perhaps we would be on a period retreat if we felt so inclined. No cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking or working (unless we wanted to). But if we have the possibility to just allow ourselves to rest a bit more and ask for support it can make things so much easier.



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Period product recommendations

I rest and might enjoy some easy restorative yoga. Wear comfy clothes (hooray for working from home!). I take a moment to rest my hands over my womb space and feel into the wisdom of my body – at this special time of the month.

I generally use oil for my skin anyway but at this time I may massage some soothing oil onto my lower back, hips and abdomen.

I love Yogandha’s muscle soothe as it has ginger which is warming and excellent for muscle pain. Often used in ayurveda for period pain too. And it also contains one of my favourite essential oils for muscles which is marjoram. (If you like Yogandha you can get a discount using anjayoga10)

The new invention of period pants is just brilliant. They are re-useable (rinse them and then put them in the washing machine) and you don’t use the same amount of plastic that would end up on a landfill site. They are also just really comfortable. I have a selection of WUKA pants.

When I use tampons/pads/liners I use organic and plastic-free products from TOTM. They also stock menstrual cup which is something I never really got used to but some people love!

If you want to know more about your menstrual cycle

Have a look at my Feminine Seasons & Cycles online course and join my live workshop with Juno Space

Please note some of my favourite products which I use and recommend may also be affiliates. This doesn’t mean anything to you if you chose to purchase any of my recommendations except I might just receive a small commission. I only ever recommend products I love – affiliates or not!