Yoga class 31/3/11 1hour 20 min

This class has an emphasis on twists. And find the balance between the compression and expansion of breath and in our body. Letting go (detox) and creating space. Our breath leads the practice for moving the body as well as breath being the intake of oxygen and prana and the exhale letting go of metabolic waste (carbon dioxid).

Here is a bit of what you will encounter in the class: Ama – let go of undigested material (physical, emotional, mental) PRANA Shavasana Seated – 3 part breathing, Prana – apana Cat/cow – samana/Vyana Vayu down-dog breathing – plank – cobra – Vinyasa Side plank – Vasisthasana Sun salute – breath moving the body Standing twists through vinyasas Chair pose – sun salute Chair pose with twists compression and expansion Childs pose – balasana

Seated twist (marichyasana) Janusirasana – head to knee pose/forward bend Pigeon pose (kapotasana) Gentle twist Setu bandhasana – supported bridge pose Supine twist Shavasana Seated pose