Elements – the Tattvas

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Grounded & Balanced – autumn flow yoga session

This 55 minute yoga session is grounding, balancing and calming. Perfect for any day you feel frazzled, anxious and simply want to connect back to your body. Vinyasa Flow for all levels. Experience of sun salutation or connecting vinyasa is an advantage.

Getting Grounded and Relaxed Yoga Flow

Anja - Yoga Embodied

In this live class recorded at lunch time on a sunny day we enjoy a grounded flow. You can use a block if you like and we finish with legs against the wall – or alternatively in Shavasana. The element of Earth is connected to being grounded, stable, feeling secure and trust. Our physical connection […]

Element of Earth


Element of Earth and Elephant Headed God Ganesh – Root Chakra The focus for our Earth practise and connection to the Root Chakra is grounding and solidity. Standing poses that create stability and strong connection through our legs and feet (or which ever body part touching the Earth). We connect to the Mula Bandha – […]

Element of Air


Element of Air and Heart Chakra The Element of Air and Heart Chakra. Openess, compassion, love – the heart, lungs and respiration. Exchanging prana, oxygen and metabolic waste, carbon dioxide. Backbends and open heart from a place of Selflove and Compassion. (recorded 25/08/11)

Element of Space


Element of Space and the Throat and Third Eye Chakra The element of Space and the Throat and Ajna (3rd eye) Chakra. True and authentic Expression and intuition. Connection with our true and higher Self. Meditative and balanced.  (recorded 26/08/11)

Element of Fire


Element of Fire and Naval Chakra The element of Fire and Manipura Chakra. Strength, power and Solar energy. Your awareness of your individual Self. Core strength and self empowerment.  (recorded 24/08/11)

Element of Water


Element of Water and Sacral Chakra In the Water element we have moment, fluidity and flow. Postures to enhance our awareness of the Water Element and Swadisthana Chakra are hip openers, standing or seated. Our hips have the potential of so much movement – so much expression.