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Grounded & Balanced – autumn flow yoga session

This 55 minute yoga session is grounding, balancing and calming. Perfect for any day you feel frazzled, anxious and simply want to connect back to your body. Vinyasa Flow for all levels. Experience of sun salutation or connecting vinyasa is an advantage.

A Loving Back Bending Flow

Yoga at work

The focus is Love and Compassion. We ease into the flow by warming up the spine creating space and breath. We can then enjoy a more dynamic vinyasa practise which will move us in circular mandala flow. It will lift our hearts, open out chest, create space and cultivate love, compassion and lightness. Focusing on […]

Happy Hips


Flow and fly with open hips

In this one hour session we will get deep into our hips. Starting gently on the floor exploring range of movement, juicy stretching, deep sensations, then into a vinyasa flow with standing hip opening variations to gain strength to eventually, and potentially, fly into an arm balancing – flying pigeon preparation.

We rest for a short shavasana – but you can stay as long as you like – maybe extend the practise with one of my yoga nidras.

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Ground to Soar – celebrating Bird poses

Streatham Vauxhall Chelsea Moorgate

We focus on our connection to the Earth, getting grounded and feeling secure – the element of Earth. Then we can balance and we can fly. Just like the birds. We will visit Crow Pose, bakasana, Bird of Paradis and Pigeon pose. Embodying the joy of rising, lightness and the upward moving movement of Prana: […]

Handstands and bending backwards

Yoga at work

Join this live class of flow, fun and being open! We start gently connecting with our breath and centre, moving through a flow to strengthen our core and open the chest. Using a wall we give options of various handstand preparations (including simply resting or practise stability if you do not want to be in […]

Stretching the front body


In this session we enjoy lunges, a light and open heart and spaciousness in the shoulders. We reverse from a sedentary lifestyle to stretch the whole of the front body; hip flexors, psoas and shoulders. Enjoy. Class Length: 45 min Student Level: Everyone Purpose: Flexibility, Happiness, Heart Opening Keywords: back bends, yoga, open heart, hips

Flow Yoga to open chest and hips


We refer to using a brick block in this class but you can easily practise without. The class is focused on having an open light heart physically and energetically from a strong grounded foundation. We start by simply lying on a block. The block is placed under the shoulder blades and the head and bum/legs […]

Getting Grounded and Relaxed Yoga Flow

Anja - Yoga Embodied

In this live class recorded at lunch time on a sunny day we enjoy a grounded flow. You can use a block if you like and we finish with legs against the wall – or alternatively in Shavasana. The element of Earth is connected to being grounded, stable, feeling secure and trust. Our physical connection […]