Yoga Nidra

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Red Tent Yoga Nidra with Pelvic Bowl Awareness


  This 30 minute yoga nidra was recorded live at the Red Tent Gathering in February 2017. (For women) The practise takes you through your Sankalpa (or intention), body awareness including a healing Pelvic Bowl meditation. (Pregnant women, women who had surgery, any other changes and through any life cycle can enjoy this practise too – […]

Yoga Nidra Morocco #3

Yoga Nidra offer deep relaxation and rest. Enjoy to rejuvenate, nourish and replenish.    

Yoga Nidra – Rest and Rejuvenate


Enjoy this live recorded 25 minutes of Yoga Nidra. Total relaxation, rejuvenation and ease. Settle yourself on the floor/mat/rug/bed in shavasana and stay completely still and relaxed as I guide you through this relaxation. Enjoy.    

Yoga Nidra Experience


Yoga Sleep with imagery and rotation of consciousness Enjoy this 25 minutes deep relaxation experience. A traditional yoga nidra practise to soothe your mind and body. Get ready with blankets, switch off the phone and enjoy.  

Goddess Yoga Nidra


This yoga nidra was recorded live at our Yoga Workshop for Women 29th of June 2014. 23 minutes of complete yoga nidra visiting the Goddesses Saraswati, Durga and Laksmi. Rest in a comfortable shavasana or relaxation pose, close your eyes and enjoy.  

Yoga Nidra for boern


Denne Yoga Nidra er paa dansk og er dedikeret til min nevoe, Sigurd. Brug den om aftenen for at falde i soevn eller bare for at slappe af paa hvilket som helst tidspunk. Der er rotering af bevidstheden i hele kroppen, vejrtraeknings bevidsthed og visualisering.