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Yoga Nidra – Rest and Rejuvenate


Enjoy this live recorded 25 minutes of Yoga Nidra. Total relaxation, rejuvenation and ease. Settle yourself on the floor/mat/rug/bed in shavasana and stay completely still and relaxed as I guide you through this relaxation. Enjoy.    

A Loving Back Bending Flow

Yoga at work

The focus is Love and Compassion. We ease into the flow by warming up the spine creating space and breath. We can then enjoy a more dynamic vinyasa practise which will move us in circular mandala flow. It will lift our hearts, open out chest, create space and cultivate love, compassion and lightness. Focusing on […]

Happy Hips


Flow and fly with open hips

In this one hour session we will get deep into our hips. Starting gently on the floor exploring range of movement, juicy stretching, deep sensations, then into a vinyasa flow with standing hip opening variations to gain strength to eventually, and potentially, fly into an arm balancing – flying pigeon preparation.

We rest for a short shavasana – but you can stay as long as you like – maybe extend the practise with one of my yoga nidras.

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