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Element of Air


Element of Air and Heart Chakra The Element of Air and Heart Chakra. Openess, compassion, love – the heart, lungs and respiration. Exchanging prana, oxygen and metabolic waste, carbon dioxide. Backbends and open heart from a place of Selflove and Compassion. (recorded 25/08/11)

Element of Space


Element of Space and the Throat and Third Eye Chakra The element of Space and the Throat and Ajna (3rd eye) Chakra. True and authentic Expression and intuition. Connection with our true and higher Self. Meditative and balanced.  (recorded 26/08/11)

Chakra Flow – Swadisthana Chakra


From the solid and dense foundation of the Muladhara Chakra we move towards a more fluid and sensuous space. Here we are exporing the Swadisthana Chakra  where we develop pleasure, sensuality, emotions and creativity. An imbalanced Swadisthana Chakra can show up as rigidity. Both in our mindset and in our physical body. This class explores […]