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Honouring Shiva as the God of Yoga, his incarnations as strong and powerful as Vibradra in the Warrior Poses and Nataraj in Dancers Pose. As well as his loving devotional side to the Goddess. (recorded 15/11/11)

Element of Fire


Element of Fire and Naval Chakra The element of Fire and Manipura Chakra. Strength, power and Solar energy. Your awareness of your individual Self. Core strength and self empowerment.  (recorded 24/08/11)

Chakra Flow – Manipura Chakra


With a focus on our core, centre, solar plexus – our inner strength and radiance! Enjoy this practice for courage, optimism, personal power and self-empowerment! An unbalanced manipura chakra can manifest as depression, low energy, digestive issues, or manipulative, anger issues and ego issues. We use a block for a supported bridge pose – but […]