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Happy Hips


Flow and fly with open hips

In this one hour session we will get deep into our hips. Starting gently on the floor exploring range of movement, juicy stretching, deep sensations, then into a vinyasa flow with standing hip opening variations to gain strength to eventually, and potentially, fly into an arm balancing – flying pigeon preparation.

We rest for a short shavasana – but you can stay as long as you like – maybe extend the practise with one of my yoga nidras.

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Stretching the front body


In this session we enjoy lunges, a light and open heart and spaciousness in the shoulders. We reverse from a sedentary lifestyle to stretch the whole of the front body; hip flexors, psoas and shoulders. Enjoy. Class Length: 45 min Student Level: Everyone Purpose: Flexibility, Happiness, Heart Opening Keywords: back bends, yoga, open heart, hips

Element of Water


Element of Water and Sacral Chakra In the Water element we have moment, fluidity and flow. Postures to enhance our awareness of the Water Element and Swadisthana Chakra are hip openers, standing or seated. Our hips have the potential of so much movement – so much expression.