From Namaste to Ab Workout: 3 Yoga Poses that Help Strengthen Your Core

Especially with summer just around the corner, we are all looking to flatten our stomach and bring out those abs that went into hibernation throughout winter. As you know, a flat stomach requires a lot of work, but by adding targeted core yoga poses to your routine, you could see remarkable results in three to five weeks of dedicated practice. Yoga emphasises the central muscles that are at the foundation of the core while also strengthening the opposing muscle groups in the back. This will tighten your torso, trim belly fat, and ultimately build those amazing abs you’ve been looking for. Yoga is a fully-toned workout that builds muscle while increasing balance and breathing techniques to make your body the best it can be.

If you’re looking to supplement your crunches and ab workout, try some of these targeted core yoga poses that are sure to enhance your results. You will be fit for summer in no time!

1.      The Fallen Star: Start in a plank position, with the centre of your wrists under the outside edge of your shoulder. Then, pull your right knee to your left elbow and extend your right leg underneath your left side as you lift your left arm towards the ceiling. You should be balancing on both feet and your right arm. Then, use your left hip muscle to lift your hips up. Hold this pose for 3-5 breaths then move back to the plank position and repeat for the other side.

2.      Boat Pose: Sit down and then bring both your legs straight up to a 45-degree angle, making a V shape with your body. Bring out your arms and line them up with your shoulders. Hold this position for 5-7 breaths and then set your feet down. If you’d like a challenge, start in the boat pose and then release your legs close to the floor, but don’t actually touch the floor. Hover over the floor, and then bring your legs back to boat pose, much like a sit-up.

3.      Camel Hinge: Start in a kneeled position on the floor, with your knees tucked under you. Then, put your hands out in front of your chest with your palms faced down. Lift the chest and hinge backwards arching through your lower back. Return to the starting position and repeat about ten times.

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